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Elizabeth Nutritional Therapist London


2015 – The Institute of Functional Medicine (AFMCP)

2013 – Three year Post Graduate Diploma Nutrition and Naturopathy (College of Naturopathic Medicine)

London 2003 – Five year Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy (College of Counselling and Psychotherapy Education)

1999 – Practitioner Certificate (The National Centre For Eating Disorders)

Memberships UKCP – registration number 04156370

BANT – registration CAP1001583



Elizabeth is an experienced healthcare professional in the field of Nutrition, Naturopathy and Psychotherapy.

Elizabeth works in private practice in Surrey and sees clients with a wide range of health conditions. The majority of her clients are looking for ways to support themselves back to better health by making the necessary lifestyle changes rather than expecting quick fixes.

A large part of the role Elizabeth plays is in educating clients and demystifying the constant barrage of conflicting information regarding what we should or shouldn’t be eating.

Due to her background and training in psychotherapy, she is able to incorporate the emotional and mental aspects that occur around our eating challenges. This helps enable clients that ‘know what they are supposed to eat’ but struggle to make the right choices.

Elizabeth follows Naturopathic Principles:

1. The healing power of nature – i.e. the body will heal a wound, absorb and ulcer and mend a bone
2. Prevention is preferable to cure
3. The root of the underlying cause of dysfunction is identified and supported
4. The whole person is treated (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually)
5. Health is much greater than just “absence of infirmity”. It should be abundant vitality
6. The person is treated not the disease
7. The individual is unique, each responds in a different way
8. All disease starts with a disruption to the body’s homeostatic mechanisms and health is a return to balance
9. Ill – health is a product of the internal environment of the body rather than external influences. It is the soil that is the problem, not the microbes per se
10. Ailments should not be suppressed. Symptoms are there for a reason and are a manifestations of nature’s healing force. A Naturopath will encourage the body to promote its innate healing abilities.
11. A Naturopath is an educator/teacher empowering the patient to take responsibility for his/her own health.

Elizabeth continues to educate herself and keep up to date with current research. She has particular interest in eating disorders and the areas of stress, anxiety and depression.

Elizabeth is part of Medelit’s healthcare team and carries out Nutrition Home Visits with us.

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