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Ilonky Podiatrist in London

Patrick Ilonky Podiatrist in London – Profile and Clinical Excellence

Mr Patrick graduated in Podiatry at the University of Northampton.

Since 2013, Ilonky works as Podiatrist for J.S Footcare. During this years he has gained experience and skills regarding the nails care for young, adult and elderly patient. In particular, he has specialised in checking patients’ medical history and conducting full diabetic assessment.

As a podiatrist, Patrick is used to treat wound care, dressing and wound management, callus debridement and verrucae treatment. Moreover, he has gained experienced in treating and assisting patients with a learning disability.

Patrick is an adaptable, conscientious, enthusiastic and self-motivated individual with experience of implementing personal support plans which focus on the individual’s welfare, needs, wants and interests.

Currently, Patrick Ilonky provides Podiatry Home Visits for Medelit in the area of London and North London.

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