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Psychiatry Home Visits :

Medelit provides an exclusive Private Visiting Psychiatry Service, offered by a hand-picked team comprising the best and most qualified board certified Consultant Psychiatrists in London and Cambridge. weekend psychiatrist london

We provide a professional, personal and caring service, tailored to suit the needs of each individual patient. Our private psychiatrists offer treatment of mental health problems for patients who come to us directly or through a GP referral. private psychiatrist london

Our leading Psychiatrists bring all the benefits of evidence-based specialist treatment normally provided in the best mental health clinics in London to the comfort of your home, where you can maintain the utmost privacy and benefit from a more tailored and flexible care. psychiatrist home visit

Where there is a need to continue care in an in-patient setting, Medelit’s Psychiatrists can also provide full support and continuity of care through dedicated residential programs carried out in the world’s most exclusive clinics with a choice between Surrey and Switzerland. visiting psychiatrist

Patient care is our first priority, so we aim to make our service as accessible as possible. The freedom, privacy and informality of home are particularly important for many people affected by mental health disorders. For this reason we provide prompt appointments directly at home according to your schedule.
Our operations team can take your call from from Monday to Friday, from 09.30 am to 06.30 pm at 020.36 37 56 57, or you can simply request a callback from a member of our team by filling in our enquiry form.

Our Psychiatrists also provide weekend and evening visits, aimed at accommodating those with a particularly busy schedule. harley street psychiatrist

Who and Where we Home Visit:

Medelit’s Home visiting Psychiatry Service is a specialised service, usually requested by clients who have difficulties organising their appointments due to highly demanding schedules, those who prefer to remain at home and maintain absolute confidentiality and/or others who simply want to receive exclusive and high quality psychiatric care in the comfort of their home. private psychiatrist london

We accept self referring patients and visiting foreign nationals as well as referrals from your GP or mental health professional and therapists. Psychiatry home visit

Our consultant psychiatrists visit in London, Greater London and Cambridge, including the areas highlighted in the below map. However, if you live in areas where we do not usually home visit, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to find a solution that fits your needs. best psychiatrists london

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Booking a home visit with us is very simple. You can contact us directly by phone:

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What are the causes of Mental Disorders?

Mental disorders can arrise for many reasons. Genes and family history seem to play an important role. However, life experiences – such as trauma or abuse – may also work as triggers. A brain injury can lead to a psychiatry disorder, as can other other serious medical conditions such as cancer.

Seeking for help

Whatever the reason, there is still a high tendency for people who suffer from a mental health problem to assume that feeling miserable and low is normal, and to resist for year after year without seeking help, while their personal and professional lives inevitably suffer. This is wrong.

Effective evidence-based treatments are today available with multiple options for clinical intervention including both talking therapies and medication-based treatments, each with its own level of effectiveness depending on each unique case. Psychiatry home visit

Medelit’s home visiting psychiatry consultants can help you get through that initial difficult moment where you decide to seek for help. Seeing a Psychiatrist in the more private and reassuring setting of your home can help you get through and start benefitting from expert help and an effective treatment.

How can a Psychiatrist help you?

If you are suffering from a mental problem, compassion and patience are an important aspect in the way your Doctor provides you with treatment and care. A good Psychiatrist will be able to decide the best course of action for the treatment of your mental problems and will also have that high degree of ability to understand the emotional aspects of your situation.

First Visit, Diagnosis and Treatment:

In the first home visit your consultant Psychiatrist will carry out an assessment to find out more about you, your past and your present situation so as to have a better understanding of your problems at their core, identify any apparent causes or triggers and tailor a structured approach to your treatment.

Together with the consultant psychiatrist you will then decide on which issues to focus on and the frequency of your planned sessions. The approach will also depend on the consultant’s background, so it is important that during this first visit you ask the Psychiatrist about their preferred approach to issues such as yours. However, keep in mind that as each person may suffer in a different way, treatment is also bound to be individual.

After the first psychiatric assessment you may be also referred to see a trained psychologist. All healthcare professionals working within Medelit work together to create a complete plan of care to suit your individual needs and all provide treatment directly at home.

Our Psychiatrists treat a variety of mental disorders, from mild and temporary to severe and chronic, including anxiety, stress, depression and addictions such as from alcohol use.

Conditions Our Psychiatrists Treat:


Currently Covering:

Central and South West London

Cambridge & Surrounding Areas

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Areas We Cover

Areas of London covered with our Psychiatry Home visiting Service: Ampton, Ascot, Bagshot, Bracknell, Brentford, Cambridge, Chertsey, Dornet, Esher, Fulham, Guildford, Huntingdon, Royston, Slough, Stevenage, Stratford, Wimbledon, Wokingham.

Receive help for depression, anxiety and stress, with a dedicated treatment programme and surrounded by experts, all while staying in the privacy of your own home.

About our Home Visiting Psychiatrists

At Medelit we have chosen to work only with the best. We have handpicked a team of high calibre practitioners in London who diagnose and treat a range of psychiatric and psychological conditions. They have the care, experience and qualifications to help solve your issues and improve your mental health and wellbeing. Each one of them has trained extensively and thoroughly in their field and continues to advance in their profession and keep updated on the latest cutting edge treatments available.

We put together a very comprehensive, holistic and structured home visiting psychiatric service that is immediately available for you when needed and is monitored in time by our consultant psychiatrists, among the best in the world.

    Our Consultant Psychiatrists:

    Antonio Metastasio
    Antonio MetastasioConsultant Psychiatrist
    Luk Azlan
    Luk AzlanConsultant Psychiatrist


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    • Multidisciplinary treatment tailored on your needs 
    • Continuity of care – Access to the most exclusive residential treatment in the world
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