About Us

Do you remember when Doctors did Home Visits? 

What is Medelit?

Medelit offers access to a comprehensive array of medical and paramedical services directly at your home, hotel or office through a  netwrok of strictly selected independente healthcare professionals. about us what is medelit

Medelit is owned and run by Doctors.

Our History

The company was first founded in Italy, in 2009, thanks to the determination, experience, and commitment of a tight-knit team of healthcare professionals who believed in the value of attentive, personal, one-to-one healthcare.

Medelit has undergone continuous growth in Italy and over the years we have been joined by over 250 highly experienced professionals who are now serving some of the major cities in the country. about us our history

In these years our clinicians have successfully assisted thousands of italian and international patients in their homes, hotels or offices and have brought home the indisputable satisfaction of being able to carry out their profession in a more relaxed and patient-centered atmosphere.

Our experience and the wonderful feedback received from patients, clinics and companies we have served in the last 15 years prompted us to start offering home healthcare services also in the UK.

Our Healthcare Team

Our selected team of independent healthcare professionals offers thorough, high-quality home-based treatment and diagnostic services as provided only in the best outpatient clinical settings. about us our healthcare team

Medelit is an introductory service. We only allow carefully selected, fully licensed, and highly experienced clinicians to join our network, and make it easy for you to book their services through our platform. Each member of our hand-picked network of clinicians is fully licensed and credentialed, most practice locally in the largest hospitals in town, and all have reached the highest standards of excellence in their fields of practice. This allows us to introduce you to a highly qualified and coordinated network that is tightly connected to the best local hospitals and clinics and allows secure assistance with the reassurance of continuity if the situation were to need further referral or hospital admission.

We firmly uphold the principles of personalised, one-on-one medical assistance, which has earned us international acclaim for our exceptional service quality and an unwavering reputation for reliability.

Our concept is that patients should always come first. And we believe in this so soundly that we traverse cities for them.

Our network of healthcare professionals provides an accessible, relaxed, and caring health service, delivered in a comprehensible way and in a timely and comfortable manner.

  • A trusted resource for all Healthcare Needs

  • Highly Qualified and carefully selected Healthcare Professionals

  • Multi-language and Multidisciplinary Team

  • High-Touch, Patient-centered Care

  • Prompt and Exclusive Medical Assistance on Your Terms

We are committed to providing excellence in home healthcare:

Accessibility and Contact: services can be easily booked directly online, payment can be done directly whilst booking, with a credit card. Our booking team is available to answer any questions and we make it easy for you to communicate with our professionals.

Dedicated time and privacy: Dedicated time is based on your needs. Your privacy is respected and guaranteed.

Expertise and kindness: all of our clinicals have been strictly selected for their high levels of expertise and empathy.

Bespoke Care: we tailor services according to your needs.

When you’re not feeling well, moving from home to find medical care can become a serious issue.

There are many issues to be considered:

– Fixing an appointment with your GP might need some waiting
– If you need a specialist, you may not know any doctors to which to refer in the area
– Moving around the city and finding the address of a doctor’s office may be an important obstacle
– Knowing who to call is not always straight-forward

The concept is simple but vital: We can Send You a Trusted Clinician that will Come to You

We fully comprehend the difficulties you may have in reaching for help when you’re not well and are therefore committed in providing you access to easily accessible, high-quality and comprehensive healthcare.

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As an introductory service, we don’t bear responsibility for the actions of clinicians, but we maintain a stringent quality monitoring process. This enables us to retain and provide our clients with only the highest-caliber clinicians.

We regard patients’ feedback as our most valuable asset in this process. We actively seek their opinions on our clinicians’ performance as a fundamental component of our constant and meticulous quality control systems.