Medelit is a Revolutionary Home & Online Healthcare Booking Service.  

Our team of Independent Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Acupuncturists, Nutritional Therapists and Podiatrists will provide for all your healthcare needs directly in your Home, Care Home, Office or Hotel.

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About Us

Medelit’s Team of Independent Healthcare Professionals provides Premium health care directly in your Home, Office or Hotel room.

Our  #1  priority is your Health.

We strongly believe in what we do. We have a passion for our work and strive to provide the highest standards in terms of quality.

We believe every individual should be able to access medical assistance without having to undergo long waiting times or changes in personal and business schedules: Also, we should not have to undergo the stress of long queues in the traffic, overcrowded buses and uncomfortable journeys to see a Doctor, especially when we’re not feeling well.

For this reason we select the best healthcare professionals to provide you with prompt, top-notch Medical Assistance directly in your Home, Hotel or Office.

We also believe that healthcare should always be provided in a comprehensible manner. For this reason, we have specifically selected a network of the best and most expert independent Healthcare Professionals in the UK and make it easy for you to book their services.

We aim to make life easier for any person needing healthcare assistance in their home.

We believe each and every person should have the possibility of receiving prompt, first-rate medical attention in a comprehensible, comfortable and timely way. Read more

We strongly believe that medical assistance as it was in the “old days” (when in case of need the family doctor was always available to come home and assist his patients in case of need) must not be abandoned. We actually believe that medical assistance provided at home is the best in terms of results and satisfaction for both patient and healthcare professional. Read more

Each member of Medelit’s Healthcare team is fully licensed and credentialed; all practice locally, in the largest hospitals of the area and have reached the highest standards of excellence in their fields of practice.

Our group firmly believes in the values of  a personal, one-on-one medical assistance.

Our concept is that patients should always come first.

If there’s one thing we’re keen on in Medelit, is patient care.

And we think that best care starts with listening to a person’s needs.

We love technology. However, we believe it should not substitute human contact. We prefer picking up the phone and talking to our patients whenever this is possible.

We believe that best care is provided through listening, talking and interacting with a person so as to fully understand their needs. No Shortcuts, no compromise.

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