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Medelit’s Acupuncture Home Visits

Experience the quality and convenience of Medelit’s Acupuncture Service. Our highly qualified, fully registered Acupuncture Practitioners bring expert care directly to your Home, Office, or Hotel room. Medelit’s Mobile Acupuncture Service currently covers most areas of London.   recommended acupuncture london

Acupuncture done at Home is particularly helpful because the less “medicalised” and more relaxed surroundings provide the best conditions for the treatment itself. acupunture london

Treatment begins with a full assessment, which is focused not only on evaluating all the signs and symptoms that you are experiencing, but will also consider them within the context of your personal situation, your story, preferences, past experiences, and current needs and wishes. This is because at the heart of traditional acupuncture lies a person-centred approach in which each patient’s treatment is individually tailored. acupuncture home visits

Acupuncture Home visits are provided on a very short notice and are also available on weekends and in the evenings. Once you start the treatment, you will always be seen by the same Acupuncturist so as to not disrupt its outcomes. acupuncture home visits  london

Medelit’s home visiting Acupuncture Service offers Acupuncture, Acupressure, Electro-Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Ear Acupuncture and other alternative medicine associated therapies such as Tuina. london acupuncturist

About our home visiting Acupuncturists

All Healthcare professionals resgistered with Medelit, including our Acupuncture Specialists are:

  • Fully licensed, registered and insured.
  • Vetted with a full background check, reference check and interview with our managing Doctors.
  • Selected for their exceptional levels of experience in traditional Chinese Acupuncture.

Our Acupuncture Practitioners also work together and within a multidisciplinary team, and have tight-knit connections with the main Clinics and Hospitals in London, so they can plan your care around your individual needs. acupuncture harley street

More Information…

The initial home consultation will last approximately an hour, and will involve delving further into your health history and the general functioning of your body systems. Your acupuncture practitioner will look at your whole body health, not only the parts that are suffering with disease or imbalance. All first acupuncture home visits are completed with the drawing of a plan for future sessions that you will be decided according to the patient’s schedule. london acupuncture

Follow up acupuncture home visits can last for up to 30-45 minutes according to each person’s condition and their response to acupuncture.
Your acupuncturist will discuss with you how many treatments you should have and how often you should have them. We generally recommend starting a course of acupuncture with one session a week for six consecutive weeks.

Initially, the acupuncturist will ask you about your pain and/or health-related goals. Then, he or she will usually look at your tongue and press on vital organs to verify if there is something that is causing a change in the balance of your body.
Sterile, disposable small needles will be placed in specific areas of your body. In the meantime the acupuncturist will check your pulse and feel how the energy is flowing by gently placing their fingers or hands on specific areas of the body. If the energy flow in an area is not well balanced, often a redness around the needle site will show it.
The acupuncturist will leave the needles in place for a period of time in which you should relax, while your energy is reworking and balancing itself.
Then the needles will then be removed, and you can go about your day,  with the advice to drink plenty of water to help the detoxifying process of your body.
Acupuncture with Medelit is covered by most major health insurance companies. Please contact us to find out more.

 Where can Acupuncture help?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD)
Addictions (smoking, drugs)
Eating Disorders
Toothache and oral pain
Ear pain
Hearing impairment and tinnitus
Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Fertility
Bone & Joint Problems
Amenorrhea (absence of periods)
Dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain)
Menopause symptoms
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
Leucorrhea (vaginal discharge)
Male and Female Fertility
Support in IVF treatments
Support in labour and during delivery
Support to breastfeeding
Neck and upper limb pain
Back pain
Joint and muscular strains
Hip pain
Knee pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Tennist elbow
Acute and chronic bronchitis
Respiratory allergies
Herpes Zoster
Neurogenic bladder dysfunction
Parkinson’s disease
Postoperative pain
Trigeminal neuralgia
Facial paralysis
Post-herpes neuralgia
Irritable bowel syndrome
Weight Loss
Cystitis (bladder infections)
Nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting)
Nausea and Vomiting
Gastralgia, Haemorrhoids
Abdominal pain

When is Acupuncture useful?

The latest research shows that acupuncture can affect most of the body’s systems, contributing to the treating of several diseases and conditions such as Bone and Joint problems, Obstetrical and gynaecological conditions, Mental health problems, Lung diseases, Bladder and digestive system issues, Neurological conditions, Otolaryngology and Oral conditions and Dermatological Conditions.

However, probably the most popular and well-known application of acupuncture is in the management and reduction of chronic pain, where it has been proved to be effective also in reducing the need for medications that can cause unwanted side effects.

Furthermore, another advantage of acupuncture is that the incidence of its side effects is lower than that of many drugs or accepted medical procedures used for the same conditions.

Minor side effects, such as dizziness or bruising around needle points, are mild and self-correcting, and the risk of a serious adverse reaction is less than 1 in 10,000 (that is far less than many western medicine treatments).

A Reputable Home Visiting Service providing Highly Qualified, Specialised Acupuncture Practitioners directly in the Comfort of your Home.

Benefits of having Acupuncture at Home:

  • Highest standards of care directly in your Home or Office
  • Schedule your visits at the time that suits you best
  • Access a tailored rehabilitation programme, designed around your needs.
  • Maximum privacy and comfort.
  • No need to face the hassle and costs of public transport, traffic or parking
  • No time taken off work or family

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a holistic health technique belonging to Traditional Chinese Medicine, where trained practitioners stimulate specific points on the body by inserting fine needles into the skin. london accupunture 

It aims to prevent and cure the symptoms of a variety of physical and psychological conditions. acupunturist london

How does it work?

Acupuncture stimulates the nerves in skin and muscle, by sticking very thin needles into specific points along the body’s meridians. This treatment can increase the body’s release of natural painkillers (such as endorphin and serotonin), by balancing the energy that flows through the meridians. Furthermore, acupuncture has been proven to have a beneficial effect on overall health and sense of wellbeing after treatment. london acupuncture home visit

Is Acupuncture Safe?

Acupuncture is one of the safest medical treatments on offer in the UK.

Medelit has selected the best acupuncture practitioners in London to join its home visiting team. Treatment carried out by qualified and highly experienced acupuncture practitioners is the best guarantee for a safe and effective treatment. mobile acupuncture

Does Acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture treatments are non-invasive and relatively pain-free.

Some people feel the needles as they go through the skin, while most people just have a feeling of “pressure” on the skin, this is because needles are even thinner than hypodermic needles (they are actually thinner than a human hair!).

The only feeling that you will have during the treatment is the energy (qui) moving, or the opening of a channel that has been blocked.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends entirely on your personal condition, how long you have had it and how severe it is.

It is impossible to predict how quickly your body will respond to acupuncture.  Some people are called “acupuncture strong responders” and they will notice benefit from just a few sessions. acupuncture home visits

The number of sessions it depends on several factors, including:
1. Whether your problem is acute or chronic
2. How long you have had the problem
3. Your age
4. General state of health
5. How your body responds to acupuncture
6. Your diet and lifestyle

If you are going to respond to the therapy,  positive changes will be noticed within 3-4 sessions. Your pain and symptoms became less severe, you sleep more restfully, your mood is brighter and you feel better than you did before.

This is an encouraging result which suggests that will continuing care you will experience more and more relief.


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