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  • Psychological Therapy and Counselling wherever you need it

  • Highly trained, Chartered Psychologists

  • We visit according to your schedule

  • No traffic, no hassle, privacy ensured

  • We come to you, be it your Home, Office or Hotel

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Psychotherapy and Psychologist Home Visit Services

Medelit’s home visiting psychology is a boutique service offering you the best available treatment, performed by highly qualified psychologists, provided in a setting that suits you. psychology home visit

Our psychologists and psychotherapists provide a wide range of different therapy options on an individual, couple or family basis and this allows us to find, in their varied skills, the best match to your needs.  We understand that Londoners are busy people, and that sometimes, every second counts. We save you time and reduce the hassle of travelling to a busy clinic. psychology london

All our psychologists and psychotherapists have been trained at the best Universities and have been hand-picked for their high levels of experience and expertise. They are all chartered with the BPS, registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), or recognised by UK top professional associations such as the BACP and UKCP. In addition, all our mental health professionals are carefully vetted and insured.

british Psychological Society

You can check our Psychologists’ Registration

on the BPS website

This is an important factor to consider because if a psychologist or psychotherapist belongs to a chartered society or association, they are committed to adhere to the very high ethical standards requested by these associations.  psychologist london

Your Psychological Therapy at Home

Your assessment and treatment will be provided by psychologists that will be specifically selected according to your condition and needs.

We know that it can be challenging to get to an office for a therapy appointment due to illness, disability, personal crisis, transportation, or childcare. A home-based psychological assessment and therapy or psychotherapy can be a solution to these obstacles. psychology home visit

For this reason Medelit has purposely gathered a highly skilled team with some of the best Psychologists and Psychotherapists in London, who provide comprehensible and qualified assessments and therapy directly in your home and according to your schedule.

Currently available across London, as well as remotely in video-call

About our home visiting Psychologists & Psychotherapists

All our Psychologists & Psychotherapists are:

  • Fully licensed, registered and insured.
  • Vetted with a full background check, reference check and interview with our managing Doctors.
  • Selected for their exceptional levels of experience.

Our Psychology Practitioners also work together and within a multidisciplinary team, and have tight-knit connections with the main Clinics and Hospitals in London, so they can plan your care around your individual needs. visiting psychologist in london

Languages Spoken:

Our Psychologists & Psychotherapists can assist you in English and Italian. italian psychologists london

More Information…

Your first appointment with a Psychologists will last approximately 90 minutes, and is primarily an information-gathering session to learn a lot about you and your history.

For a home visit first appointment with our Psychologists, we will be needing a GP referral. You can ask your GP to fill in a referral form directly online or contact us directly by phone: 020 36 37 56 57.

Without a referral we will not be able to provide a home visit appointment. However, our Psychologists are available for Online consultations for those who are unable to provide a GP referral.

Follow up consultations can last for up to 60 minutes according to each person’s needs.
Your Psychologist will discuss with you how many consulting sessions you should have and how often you should have them.
Psychology with Medelit is covered by most major health insurance companies. Please contact us to find out more.

There are some cases where a home visit is not feasible or it is not the best solution. We can however still assist you, as our Psychologists are also available for Skype and phone consultations.

Areas we cover

Areas of London covered with our Home visiting Psychologists:  Barnet, East Barnet, Camden, Chelsea, Chestnut, Potters Bar, City of London, Enfield, Fulham, Hampstead, Haringey, Islington, Ken&Chelsea, Soho, Westminster, Tower Hamlets, Totteridge.

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Our Services:


> Counselling and Therapy

> Mindfulness and ACT

> Relaxation techniques & Stress Managment

> Psychotherapy – IPT, CBT, EMDR

> Psychopathological tests

> Family and couple therapy

> Intellectual functioning assessments

> Psychological Surveys and Forensic Psychology

> Autism Assessment

> Chronobiological treatments for mood disorders

> Psychology Counselling for terminally ill patients and/or their relatives

> Psychological support for the Elderly

Easy Booking:

Book a home visit with our Psychologists by calling us at :

 020 36 37 56 57

Or through our online booking form:

Book a Home Visit

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Exclusive Psychological Counselling, provided in the Comfort and Privacy of your own Home or in your Office.

Why Psychology Home Visits ?

Not all people who need help can seek it in a clinic. Difficulties may be due to physical problems, a lack of time or the impossibility of going to a visit without disrupting the whole family’s schedule. However, in many cases, it is the discomfort for which one is seeking for professional help that is in itself makes it very hard to leave home.

A good example of this is anxiety, where a person may have an increase in symptoms just only at the thought of having to go and see a psychologist in a clinic.

Providing home visits is a way of life for our Psychologists as they all believe that warmth and compassione in healthcare contributes to more fulfilment and better outcomes for patients. Warmth and compassion in some cases imply going directly to the patient so as to provide help. psychologist home visit

Counselling for Families or for Family-related issues

Family dynamics play a crucial role in the emergence of problems in individual family members, and can also cause relevant distress for the whole family. psychologist london

Observation of family relationships, especially the relationship between parents and children, is an essential means of understanding family dynamics. Psychology home visits can provide excellent results, for example, for the observation of children with destructive behaviours, ADHD or intellectual dysfunctions. private psychologist london

Other areas of interventions are: psychologist home visit london

  • Psychological support to foster parents and children, counselling london
  • Psychological support for teenagers, psycotherapist london
  • Psychological help for new mothers. private psychologist home visit

Psychologist home visits  in case of Illness or Accident

Requesting a psychologist home visit can be the only way of receiving help for some people that are facing a serious illness, or are physically or psychologically unable to reach a psychologist’s clinic. psychology home visit

Relaxation Techniques and Mindfulness with Counselling at home

Nowadays we are all suffer from a certain amount of pressure, but it is when you start feeling unable to cope with it that actual stress starts creeping in, with its feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure. People have different ways of reacting to stress, so a situation that feels overwhelming to one person may actually be motivating to another. home visiting psychologist london

However, stress becomes dangerous when it interferes with your ability to live a normal life over an extended period. You may feel tired, unable to concentrate or irritable. Stress can also damage your physical health and interfere with sleep. Our Psychologists can teach you the most effective techniques to obtain a correct level of mental and physical relaxation, and the way to practice them independently. psychologist home visit

Psychologist Home Visit for Anxiety and Panic attacks

If you suffer from anxiety and/or panic attacks, you might struggle at the idea of going to a clinic. A simple action such as taking a bus or driving a car can become a reason for stress because of the fear of being around people, or of tackling with heavy traffic. In these cases the  help of a psychologist who comes directly to your home can be life changing. psychologist in london

 psychology home visit

psychologist home visit london

Psychological Therapies for

> Anxiety

> Depression

> Stress

> Low Self esteem

> Post traumatic stress

> Eating Disorders

> Anger management

> Relationship issues

> Behavioural difficulties

Easy Booking:

Book a Psychologist Home Visit by calling us at :

020 36 37 56 57

Or through our online booking form:

Book a Home Visit

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  • Highest standards of care directly in your Home or Office
  • Flexible appointments
  • Therapy provided in a setting that suits you
  • Bespoke therapy designed around your needs
  • No need to face the hassle and costs of public transport, traffic or parking
  • No time taken off work or family

Medelit’s Home Visiting Psychologists:

Our Psychologists are all registered with the HCPC,  chartered members of the BPS and held to the highest standards.

Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • Italian
Federica Alberton
Federica AlbertonChartered Psychologist
Giovanni Pace
Giovanni PaceChartered Psychologist
Eva Galzerano
Eva GalzeranoChartered Psychologist
We’re preferred for our:
 High Standards
♥ Promptness
♥ Reliability
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