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Doctor Home Visit Service Details:

Medelit’s Doctors provide bespoke and tailored medical assistance directly in the comfort of your home, hotel or office in the UK. doctor home visit

Medelit stands as a unique, high-caliber service, offering you a meticulously curated team of highly experienced independent healthcare professionals for all your medical needs. Our patient-centered approach ensures that when one of our esteemed doctors recommends additional procedures—be it blood tests, physiotherapy, IV administration, or any other specialized intervention—we take care of organizing these premium services in the comfort of your home, and through one, trusted service.

We do not require any membership and you do not need to be a VIP to access our services. Whether you need a one-time consultation or ongoing assistance, our doors are always open, and our private Doctors will provide you with the best standards of care. You have the flexibility to book any home visit at your convenience, ensuring that quality healthcare is readily available whenever you require it, without any prior or hidden fees. This approach is part of our commitment to providing immediate access to top-tier medical professionals to anyone in need.  doctor home visit london

If you’re unable to visit a clinic or simply prefer the comfort and privacy of your home, Medelit’s Doctor home visit service is here for you. Convenient and flexible, we bring quality medical care to your doorstep, ensuring you receive the attention you need, right where you need it. Book your Doctor’s home visit with Medelit at your convenience for healthcare that fits your lifestyle. ho

Our Doctors’ medical services include General Practice, Specialistic Medicine, and Alternative Medicine, delivered at home as well as in your hotel room or office. Moreover, all Medelit’s Doctors are also available for Video Medical Consultations, and therefore promptly accessible no matter where you are, from your mobile, tablet or computer, within few minutes.

Our highly qualified private GPs and Consultants can provide prompt and highly specialized onsite medical assistance 7/7, all year round*. We have an ongoing commitment to ensuring the highest standards of expertise within our medical network. As a matter of fact, our Doctors work in the best Hospitals and Clinics in the UK and are renowned for their academic and clinical excellence within their field of practice.

You can check availabilities and fees at your address, and book a Doctor Home Visit at your address directly through our website through our easy online booking system.

*Please be aware that our Doctors are not equipped to handle emergencies and cannot replace the services of an Accident & Emergency department (A&E). If you are experiencing a medical emergency, it is essential you seek immediate assistance from your nearest A&E facility.

Medical Services Available with Medelit:

Your Trusted and Expert Service to Book a Doctor Home Visit

Providing Bespoke Medical Assistance with a Team of the Best independent GPs and Consultants, visiting Directly in Your Home, Office or Hotel room.

About our Home Visiting Doctors Doctor Home visit

The doctors who visit you either at home or online have joined Medelit due to their extensive experience and expertise. However, they’ve also chosen to be part of a project where the primary focus is on quality and the doctor-patient relationship. All our Private home visiting Doctors are:

  • Fully registered
  • Vetted with a full background check, reference check and interview with our managing Doctors
  • Selected for their highest levels of experience and qualifications.

We are an introductory service. The GPs and Consultants that provide home visits with us all also work within or in collaboration with the most important Clinics and Hospitals in the UK. This ensures the possibility of organising referrals and coordinating care also for those patients who, for example, need assistance before or after a surgery.

After the Visit private doctor home visit in london

Once the home or Online visit has been performed, you will receive a complete report.

Following your initial appointment, Medelit offers the convenience of continued care with the same doctor. Additionally, we provide access to a range of seamless healthcare services to complement your doctor’s visit. These include home blood tests, nurse home visits, prescription renewals, and scheduled checkups, ensuring comprehensive and hassle-free healthcare at your doorstep.


  • Sit back and relax. Our Doctors Come to You

  • Leading Doctors with World Class Expertise

  • Best care in the friendliest of terms

  • All the time you need, All Year round

  • One trusted Healthcare service for all your needs

We’re preferred for our:
 High Standards
♥ Promptness
♥ Reliability
♥ Dedication
♥ Efficiency
♥ Availability

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