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Online Speech Therapy Service children and adults

Medelit’s Online Speech Therapy Service allows you and your loved one to access leading UK registered speech and language therapists from wherever you are.  The Online Service makes it easier for you to start your Speech Therapy treatment from the comfort and privacy of your home. children adults

Online Speech Therapy is not very different from face to face sessions, but it is more affordable and flexible, and reduces waiting time. Our clinicians are highly specialised and the online speech therapy service provides treatment for both children and adults. All you need to do is an internet connection and a computer or smartphone, where you can fit in the videocall.

During the first video consultation, the S&L therapist will go through your history and carry out some tests. The Speech Therapist will provide you with a complete report and draw a tailored treatment plan. The duration, content and frequency of online sessions will depend on your specific condition, but usually speech and language sessions last around 6o minutes session.

After the first online session, we will ensure the same therapist from our team will follow you in time, in order to guarantee continuity, effectiveness and monitoring of progress. Moreover, after the first visit, you can access treatment packages at particularly advantageous rates.

You can book your online appointment every day of the year, including weekends and bank holidays, by contacting Medelit’s Operations Team, always available from 08.30 am to 05.30 pm, at 020 36 37 56 57, or by website form and chat. We can book your appointment at any time convenient for you, including on weekends & evenings.

Online Speech Therapy is Affordable and Effective and can be Easily accessed from the comfort of your Home

Easy Booking:

Book an Online Session with our Speech Therapists by calling us at :

 020 36 37 56 57

Or through our online booking form:

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About our Online and Home Visiting Speech Therapists

All our Speech Therapists are:

  • Fully licensed in the UK, chartered and insured.
  • Vetted with a full background check, reference check and interview with our managing Doctors.
  • Selected for their exceptional levels of experience in both home and online settings.

Online Speech and Language rehabilitation with Medelit’s Therapists is covered by most major health insurance companies. Please contact us to find out more.

We do not require a mandatory referral for speech and language therapy. However, it is always advisable to provide one so that our therapists have all necessary information before they see you.

Online Speech Therapy

The speech therapist is specialised in the diagnosis and treatment of speech, social and cognitive communication and swallowing disorders, both in adults and children. The speech therapist’s intervention aims to rehabilitate or re-educate the communication and cognitive disabilities, dealing with aspects such as breathing and the correction of incorrect vocal habits.

In order to treat you, the Speech and Language therapist will first carry out some assessments, by using a mix of formal and informal tests to obtain an accurate view of your communication needs. This is then used to plan an effective therapy based on your individual needs.

A variety of communication disorders can be treated by our therapists by online sessions. These include articulation delay, language delay, stuttering, learning disabilities, autism, aphasia, reading difficulties, concerns with written work and apraxia.

Medelit offers speech therapy for children based on each individual child’s needs. We aim at working side-to-side with both parents and teachers when treating a child.

The assessment, with slight changes according to the age of the child, evaluates the understanding of areas such as Concepts, Questions, Following Instructions, Verb Tenses, Pronouns, etc.

Our Therapists work with a range of speech & Language delays and/or disorders such as Stammering, Semantic Pragmatic Disorder, Autism, Spectrum Disorders, Learning Disabilities and Selective Mutism.

Many children will benefit from a both formal and informal approach and from the interaction online, in which there is the use of earphones or headphones.

Our adult specialised speech and language therapists therapists have extensive experience in acute and progressive neurological disorders including Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Voice disorders and Dementia.

Our goal is to restore patient’s autonomy in everyday life after a stroke, improve their swallowing and repair or prevent communication breakdown in conversation. Furthermore, our dedicated support can also help reinforce memory processes.

Our team consists of Consultants NeurologistsPhysiotherapists and Psychologists, who work together with our Speech Therapists to develop a complete therapy plan around your needs.

Our Fees:


CHILD Online Speech therapy - First Visit


CHILD Online Speech therapy - 5 Session Package

£67per session


ADULT Online Speech therapy - First Visit


ADULT Online Speech therapy - 5 Session Package

£85per session

Easy Booking:

Book an Online Session with our Speech Therapists by calling us at :

 020 36 37 56 57

Or through our online booking form:

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