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Speech Therapy at Home:

Medelit is the number one choice for adults and families needing a Home Speech Therapy service in London and Greater London.

Our dedicated and caring private speech therapists work both with adults and children, to provide personalised therapy aimed at achieving significant communication goals. We are well-known for being extremely attentive to our patients’ needs and for providing the highest quality with our speech-language service.

We offer speech therapy in the comfort and convenience of the home, both for adults and for children. Especially for younger children and for elderly people who are recovering for example for a stroke, being in the more familiar surroundings of home can really help strengthen rapport between patient and clinician, therefore making the child/elderly feel maximally comfortable as he or she works on something that is often considered somewhat challenging.

In addition to this, our speech therapists offer flexibility, and are able to offer appointments also in after school hours and on the weekends.

Our Speech Therapists also provide online speech therapy  sessions for patients in areas that are not covered by our home speech therapy services.

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What do Speech Therapists do?

Some people have trouble saying certain sounds or words. This can happen both in children and adults, and it can be very frustrating because others may not understand what they’re trying to say.

A Speech & Language Therapist works in a variety of areas in order to help adults or children struggling with their communication or experiencing swallowing difficulties.

In order to treat you, the Speech and Language therapist will first have to carry out some assessments, by using a mix of formal and informal tests to obtain an accurate picture of your communication needs. This is then used to plan an effective therapy based on your individual needs.

If a person repeats certain sounds and has trouble saying the complete word, there might be a fluency disorder.

Stuttering is a common fluency disorder. A person who stutters may repeat a word part (as in wa-wa-wa-want) or pronounce a single sound for an abnormally long time (as in caaaaaaandle), or in some cases have trouble getting a sound out altogether.

Articulation disorders involve a wide range of errors people can make when talking. These include for example, substituting a sound for another (example saying “wed” instead of “red”), omitting sounds (for example saying “can” instead of “scan”), or adding sounds to words (“holiliday” instead of “holiday”).

Lisping is also considered an articulation disorder, and it refers specifically to the letters “s” and “z”, which are substituted by the sound “th” (for example, “simple” sounds like “thimple”).

Language disorders make it hard for people to find the right words and form clear sentences when they are speaking. It can also make it hard to understand what other people are saying. A person affected by a language disorder may have difficulties understanding what others are saying, may struggle to put thoughts into words, or both.

A person might have a voice disorder if people have trouble understanding him or her. The kids might start a sentence loud and clear, but it’s quiet and mumbling by the end. Sometimes these kids sound like they have a cold or like they’re talking through their noses.

A person who has trouble understanding people or has trouble putting words together to express thoughts might have a language disorder.

Apraxia (also known as verbal apraxia or dyspraxia) is an oral-motor speech disorder. People with this problem have difficulty moving the muscles and structures needed to form speech sounds into words.

Dyslexia is a condition where the person has difficulties in reading and/or writing correctly and fluently.

Dyslexia usually emerges at the beginning of schooling and is a condition that persists throughout life.

The diagnosis of dyslexia involves a complex assessment process, aimed at excluding other disorders and establishing the exact severity of the problem. Currently there are various strategies that can provide support and relevantly help overcome difficulties.

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What conditions do Speech Therapists treat?

Speech disorders are very common and can be corrected more easily if detected early. Speech therapy at home can be very effective if sessions are held on a regular schedule.

Medelit’s Speech Therapists will help you with every aspect of the process including assessment, counselling and treatment. Speech Therapy Home Visit
Our speech therapists take a team approach, and will therefore consult with patients, parents, teachers, doctors and other healthcare professionals such as psychologists to make sure they design a comprehensive program to help.

What are the causes of Speech Disorders?

To most of us, speech might seem effortless, but it is a complex process that needs precise timing, and good nerve and muscle control.

Many muscles from various organs such as including the larynx (which contains the vocal cords), the teeth, tongue and lips as well as the respiratory system are coordinated by the brain, so that speech can occur correctly. The ability to understand language and produce speech also depends on the brain. Therefore, a person with brain damage, due to an accident, stroke, or birth defect, may have very beneficial effects with speech and language therapy, which “re-educates” the brain into communicating correctly with all the other involved body parts.. Speech Therapy Home Visit

Articulation disorders may also be related to hearing problems. A loss in hearing can affect the ability of a person to correctly reproduce the sounds they hear.

There are also some physical birth defects can interfere with a person’s ability to speak. For example, a cleft palate, which is a congenital hole in the roof of the mouth, affects the movement of air through the mouth and nose, and can also cause problems with other structures needed for speech such as the lips, teeth, and the jaw.

Speech Therapy Home Visits

During each session, your speech therapist will suggest what the patient, or the carer, can do to help throughout the treatment. These everyday exercises and tools, which are continued between one treatment session and the next, can reinforce improvements and speed up the program.

Routine is one important way to improve patient compliance and therapy results. So, wherever possible, you should try to schedule your home-based therapy sessions in a particular time slot/s each week. The patient, be it a child or an adult, will come to anticipate the sessions and will therefore be more receptive to the therapy.

Medelit’s Speech Therapists have a proven track record of helping people of all ages overcome their speech issues.

Evaluation and Diagnosis

The first step of speech therapy home visit begins with an evaluation. This interview aims to better understanding the patient’s objectives. To make this less stressful, this assessment is done directly at home by one of our registered speech-language therapists.

This diagnosis may include a consultation with other healthcare professionals. Once the evaluation is complete, a diagnosis will be made and a treatment plan will be developed.

A variety of communication disorders can be treated by our therapists by home visiting sessions. These include articulation delay, language delay, stuttering, learning disabilities, autism, aphasia, reading difficulties, concerns with written work and apraxia.

The key to improving is regular sessions to reinforce the techniques needed for improvement. Our speech therapists can make home visits as regularly as needed to support the program.

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Speech Therapy at Home: a highly effective means to achieve lasting improvements in your speech and language.

About our Home Visiting Speech Therapists

All our Speech Therapists are:

  • Fully registered with the HCPC
  • Fully Insured
  • Vetted with a full background check, reference check and interview with our managing Doctors
  • Selected for their highest levels of experience and qualifications.

Medelit’s Speech-Language Therapists are selected for their exceptional levels of experience. They have all gathered relevant experience in the NHS and/or in private healthcare. London speech therapists
Medelit’s speech and language therapists also work together and within a multidisciplinary team, and have tight-knit connections with the main Clinics and Hospitals in London, so they can plan your care around your individual needs. home speech therapy 


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