Why Home Visits

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When we’re sick, a simple thing such as going out to seek some help sometimes seems to become near impossible. There are many issues to be considered:

  • You may have to wait for an appointment even though you need help here and now.
  • You may not know any trusted healthcare professionals to which to refer in your area.
  • You may not know how to fit the visit with family and/or business schedules.
  • Moving through city traffic, finding a parking near the clinic and queuing up with other patients in a waiting room may represent further unwelcome hassles in a time of discomfort.
  • You may feel uncomfortable at the idea of talking about your problem in unknown and unintimate surroundings.

There are also other factors to be considered. All around the world nowadays, the trend is to give priority to numbers, so that Doctors be seeing as many as 20-40 patients per day.

The quality of medical assistance is suffering from the consequences of a healthcare system that in most cases gives priority to quantity rather than the quality of its services.

The professionals’ care and attention are diluted by the enormous number of persons they have to treat so as to fall within standards imposed by a healthcare system that with each passing day seems to become more and more managerial and bureaucratic.

We are assisting to a gradual increase in waiting lists for medical care and a parallel reduction in the time dedicated by medical professionals to each patient. As a result often both patient and medical professional take leave from the visit with a feeling of dissatisfaction.

These changes also occur in an era that sees everybody’s life style following increasingly cracking paces and in which the only idea of having to move across the traffic of the city or stop routine daily activities so as to be cured is becoming more and more of an issue.

These problems sometimes become apparently insurmountable when they overlap with the presence of language barriers, as often happens in a multicultural setting such as London, with the difficulties of moving around such a vast and bustling city and fitting it all in with busy family or work schedules.

By all means, healthcare has improved at an incredible pace throughout the last decades and has become accessible to most in the western countries, but we have the feeling that progress has overlooked an essential aspect of healthcare: the “human” aspect, where patients are human beings in discomfort and deserve to be taken care of in the comfort of their home whenever this is feasible, and by Doctors who are not burned out by budgets, bureaucracy and over-bookings.

We believe in slow medicine.

We believe in home visits as a means for better healthcare and better outcomes.

home visitsTHE SOLUTION

Medelit wants to turn healthcare upside down.

The concept is simple but vital: We Come to You, We deliver according to your needs.

MEDELIT, is the first complete healthcare service providing premiere assistance directly at home, in your office or in your hotel room.

Medelit is owned and fully run by physicians and will be capable of supplying Londoners the quality and variety of services normally found only in the best out-patient clinical settings.

What makes us different is that we will deliver home visits with the best healthcare professionals in town, and to make it even simpler, we will visit, promptly and according to your schedule, directly in your home, hotel or office.

We fully comprehend the difficulties you may have in reaching for help when you’re not well and are therefore committed in providing you with an easily accessible, high-quality and comprehensive healthcare service.

Our healthcare professionals will offer careful, compassionate and one-on-one medical assistance, delivered according to your schedule and without your having to undergo endless queues or your having to move from your hotel room, office or home.


Do you remember when the doctor was considered as part of the family?

We in MEDELIT firmly believe that the crowded atmosphere and the rushed timing of medical clinics do not provide the best conditions for a person in need of medical assistance.

We strongly believe that medical assistance as it was in the “old days” (when the family doctor would always see his patients by home visits) is the best, and must therefore not be abandoned.

We actually believe that this kind of medical assistance, where feasible, is the best in terms of quality, results and satisfaction for both patient and healthcare professional.

MEDELIT’s healthcare recaptures the positive aspects of a more “human” and traditional medical assistance and puts them at the center of a home visiting service that will make the best use of the most modern technologies available today.