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Online Consultations and Treatments

Medelit’s Online Healthcare Services include video consultations and treatments provided remotely by our highly qualified clinicians through our dedicated and easy-to-use video platform.

Virtual Care allows you to connect to a healthcare professional and receive the care you need from the comfort and safety of your home. Our video consultation services are offered by our expert team of UK leading clinicians and can be booked 7/7 and allow you to receive comfortable, accessible care at any time, from any device, and wherever you are.

Online care does not replace traditional face-to-face visits, but supports it and integrates it through the use of new communication channels and innovative technologies, therefore making healthcare more accessible and comprehensive, helping to remove access barriers and saving time and costs for anyone in need.

Appointments can be quickly booked every day of the year directly through our online booking system.

Our Online Virtual Services Include:

online healthcare services and home visiting doctors

Online Medical Services

nurse home visit

Online Nursing Services

Online Nurses

physiotherapy home visit physiotherapy online

Online Physiotherapy

podiatrist home visit

Online Podiatry

Online Podiatrists

Online Speech Therapy

visiting psychologists online psychologist

Online Psychologists

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Online Healthcare Services Benefits:

The advantages of Online Consultations are increasingly indisputable. Mainly, online services allow you to remain in the comfort and privacy of your home and receive prompt and timely support from wherever you are. In addition, Online Care:
– Reduces costs (online visits are less expensive because the clinician can provide the consultation from home and won’t have to travel)
– Facilitates communication and interactions with the doctor/healthcare professional;
– Removes geographic and time barriers;
– Allows you to receive even if you live in a remote area, or have access to limited health facilities;
– Reduces waiting time;
– Is environmentally friendly as it reduces pollution (both you and your healthcare professional do not need to travel for the visit) and use of paper.

online virtual services

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