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Zahra Sheikh – Speech and Language Therapist in London

Zahra Sheikh Medelit Home Visiting Speech and Language Therapist in London Zahra Sheikh Registered Speech & Language Therapist - Profile and Clinical Excellence In her current role, Zahra specializes in assessing and providing therapy to students with profound and multiple learning disabilities, including those who are deafblind, visually impaired, or have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Her responsibilities include conducting comprehensive assessments and creating detailed therapy plans tailored to each student's unique needs. She collaborates closely with parents, educators, and other professionals to establish holistic and functional goals. She delivers both direct and indirect therapeutic interventions, alongside universal support strategies, and trains parents, teachers, and teaching assistants in various intervention methods. Additionally, she manages and supports students with dysphagia needs. best speech therapists in london Zahra has worked as a Band 6 Specialist Speech and Language Therapist across mainstream schools, special schools, alternate resource provisions, and clinics, focusing on children with speech, language, and communication needs (SLCN), including those with autism, learning disabilities (LD), and cerebral palsy (CP). In this role, she provided in-depth assessments and therapy for children with a range of communication disorders, contributed to Education, Health, and Care plans, and worked closely with families and educators to adapt learning approaches to each child’s needs. She also delivered training on various interventions and theories, such as Makaton and Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). She has a special interest in working with young people with Autism. speech therapist near me Zahra earned her MSc in Autism from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, delving into various aspects of autism, including emotional wellbeing and counselling skills. Her dissertation, which received a Grade A, focused on the awareness of ASD among public health workers in Lusaka, Zambia. She completed her BSc in Speech and Language Therapy at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, gaining a strong foundation in various aspects of speech and language pathology. She is proficient in Makaton and British Sign Language (Level 1), with developing skills in tactile sign. She is trained in Intensive Interaction, PECS, Rebound Therapy, Hydrotherapy, and the use of high-tech AAC devices like Grid 3 and TDSnapp. independent speech therapists in london Zahra's career as a Speech and Language Therapist is driven by a passion for making a meaningful difference in the lives of children with communication and learning difficulties. Through her diverse experiences and continuous learning, she strives to provide the best possible support to her clients and their families, fostering an environment of growth, understanding, and holistic development. home speech tehrapy in london Zahra Sheikh joined Medelit's team of Home Visiting Speech and Language Therapist in 2023, and is currently providing home visits and Online Speech Therapy for patients in the area of  London and Greater London. Find out More on our Home Visiting Speech and Language Service in London Make an Enquiry online doctor Book a Home Visit with Speech & Language Therapist Zahra Sheikh  Book a Home Visit We're preferred for [...]


Paola Palumbo – Home Visiting Nurse in London

Paola Palumbo - Medelit Home Visiting Nurse in London paola palumbo nurse london Paola Palumbo Registered Nurse - Profile and Clinical Excellence A highly motivated person with over nine year- experience in different clinical settings as Cancer Care Nurse, Dialysis Nurse and Registered General Nurse. Paola is a very welcoming person with caring nature and excellent interpersonal skills, which make her able to approach warmly to costumers of different age groups and backgrounds and build a professional and trustful relationship with the teamwork she works with.  private nurse near me Paola has been employed as Dialysis Nurse for the worldwide firms DaVita and Fresenius Medical Care for the past seven years, working in different Dialysis Units within the London area as well as outside London. nurse agency near me During her career Paola also built her experience in specific nursing departments such as Oncology, Haematology and Elderly Care as permanent and bank Staff Nurse at Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Dorset, for over three years; as Cancer Care Bank Staff Nurse at Royal Marsden Hospital, London, for the past three years. During this time she also worked as agency and bank staff nurse in various nursing departments such as Vascular, Endoscopy, Upper GI, general Gastro wards and in outpatients settings. nurse for home visit near me After years of nursing in different settings, working with a variety of different patients’ demographics, she is able to build a strong, trustful, individualized relationship with the patients she looks after, recognising and answering their needs in a professional, timely and empathetic manner.  Her strong work ethic makes her able to work efficiently in a teamwork, providing a holistic treatment plan. But thanks to her numerous nursing competencies, she is also able to work independently, unsupervised, with the ability to take decisions autonomously whenever necessary. KEY SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES Willing to accept responsibility for carrying her tasks, always ensuring attendance and punctuality. Excellent ability to write and maintain accurate paper and computer medical records and managing costumers’ information in a professional, confidential and timely manner. Good IT skills with comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Office and other software used in hospital settings as well as the use of laptops. Ability to work independently, planning and completing duties without continuous supervision from colleagues or managers. Always having an innovative and energetic character along with a cheerful disposition and a good sense of initiative working individually or in a teamwork. Providing individualised nursing care plans making sure they are able to answer costumers’ demands in a holistic way, considering every single aspect of the individual as a patient and as a person. Reading and interpreting medical reports and then, according to them, drawing valid and logical patients’ care plans. Excellent observation and decision-making skills. Making sure nursing procedures fully respect Trust's policies, reading them and being aware of where they are located. Ability to develop and build positive working relationships with colleagues and other healthcare professionals. Ensuring cooperation between different members of the team in order to [...]


Aaron Crawford – Home Visiting Nurse in UK

Aaron Crawford - Home Visiting Nurse for Medelit in London crawford nurse home visitting vis nurse Aaaron Crawford Registered Nurse - Profile and Clinical Excellence Aaron qualified in Adult Nursing at the Glasgow Caledonian Univerity, in 2016. crawford home visiting nurse Between 2018 and 2019 Aaron worked for HCA healthcare, and then transferred to the NHS, working alongside a multi-disciplinary team. Since 2019 he has been working as Private Nurse, providing comprehensive care in patients' homes in the area of North London. As a private nurse, Aaron demonstrates good clinical practice at all times and assess, plans and delivers care to meet patients' needs. He identifies patient care requirements by establishing personal rapport with patients to create a patient-centered and holistic care pathway. nurse near me Aaron has participated in multiple training courses in the years, including an AET - Level 3 Teaching Qualification and Independent & Supplementary Prescribing - Level 7. His areas of expertise include wound care, drug administration, catheter care, dermal care, end-of-life care, Vital Signs Monitoring, Mobility Assistance, Feeding and Nutrition, Infection Control, Patient Positioning, Medication Assistance, Assisting with Procedures, Post-operative care and patient safety. Aaron joined Medelit's team of Home Visiting Nurses in 2023, and is currently providing home visits for patients in the area of London and Greater London. Find out More on our Home Visiting Nurses Service in London Make an Enquiry nurse to come home near me Book a Home Visit We're preferred for our: ♥ High Standards ♥ Courtesy ♥ Comfort ♥ Promptness ♥ Reliability ♥ Dedication ♥ Efficiency ♥ Availability Medelit House Call Services ⟩ Medical Services ⟩ Physiotherapy ⟩ Nursing services ⟩ Acupunture ⟩Speech Therapy ⟩ Podiatry


Izabela Sanchez Tarling – Home Visiting Nurse in London

Izabela Sanchez - Medelit Home Visiting Nurse in London sanchez nurset Izabela Sanchez Tarling Registered Nurse - Profile and Clinical Excellence Izabela is a fully qualified NMC registered nurse with 13 years experience in nursing and personal care , both in the NHS and in the private sector. nurse for injection in london Izabela provides treatments to people in their own homes with health concerns, physically disabled people, and those with terminal illnesses. She is passionate for her role as nurse, and aims at providing the best care so as to help her patients implement their wellbeing and independence. nurse for wound dressing in london Izabela's areas of expertise include: wound and dressing management, post-surgery care, stoma care , administration of injections, catheter care, end of life care, monitoring client vitals, and recording changes in condition, administering medications, blood test collection. Izabela is also fluent in various languages including Topmanian, Italian and Spanish. home visiting nurse london Izabela joined Medelit's team of Home Visiting Nurses in 2023, and is currently providing home visits for patients in the area of London and Greater London. Find out More on our Home Visiting Nurses Service in London Make an Enquiry online doctor Book a Nurse Home Visit with Izabela Sanchez Tarling by calling: Book a Home Visit We're preferred for our: ♥ High Standards ♥ Courtesy ♥ Comfort ♥ Promptness ♥ Reliability ♥ Dedication ♥ Efficiency ♥ Availability Medelit House Call Services ⟩ Medical Services ⟩ Physiotherapy ⟩ Nursing services ⟩ Acupunture ⟩Speech Therapy ⟩ Podiatry


Louie Coscos Nursing Associate

Louie Coscos - Medelit Home Visiting Nursing Assistant Louie Coscos nursing associate Louie Coscos Nursing Associate - Profile and Clinical Excellence For over 12 of experience working in the healthcare industry, my journey begins as a Healthcare Assistant. My role predominantly explores in Elderly Adults in the Nursing Home environment, as Support worker in Mental Health and as Live-in Carer for Private Clients. In this journey, I developed my communication skills in cognate with person-centered approach that meets patient’s needs and the ability to communicate effectively with the multidisciplinary team whom I am working along with. My nursing skills increasingly developed when I embarked into training for a Nursing Associate. In this journey, it exposed me to a variety of nursing fields Acute Hospital Wards and Community settings. These are Acute Elderly Medicine (Care of Elderly), Advance Dementia, Respiratory, Surgery, Mental Health-Learning Disabilities, Surgical, Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, Acute Medical Unit, Palliative Care, District Nursing and Cardiology. I learned extensively about clinical skills and their rationale, especially the uses of Nursing Assessment (ABCDE Approach). The relevance of taking observations comprises taking Blood Pressure, Temperature, Saturation Rate, Respiration Rate, and Pulse Rate. I am able to assess the client’s nutritional needs with the use of Malnutrition Universal Scoring Tools (MUST), Fluid Balance Recording and Monitoring, Pressure Ulcers, and Neurological Assessment. I am competent in performing Venepuncture, ECG, Urinalysis, Capillary Blood Glucose Test, and Ketone Test. I am confident to perform Aseptic Non-Touch Technique, Bladder Scanning, Wound Dressing, Wound Care (including Wound Grading), Stoma Care, Oxygen Therapy, Swabbing, and Medication Administration (i.e., topical, oral, inhaled, intramuscular and subcutaneous injections). The skills I have mentioned above are paramount to understand when navigating effective care to clients. I also develop resiliency in improving health promotion. The use of observational assessment and monitoring tools in line with the client’s care plans and delivered the outcome using an evidence-based approach with attention to the details in addressing appropriate needs and communicating to the registered nurse or escalating during an emergency. As a qualified Registered Nursing Associate, understand the limits of my competencies. I am fully aware of my accountability and responsibility for safe practice. I am now passionate about focusing in-home care environment where I believed a person-centered is utmost in order to deliver 1-on-1 effective care that is suitable to the client’s needs. Poor diets, hectic lifestyles, impaired digestion and absorption of nutrients as well as inadequate elimination of toxins may be reflected in symptoms such as low energy, allergies, food intolerances, gastro-intestinal disorders, recurrent infections, skin problems, low mood, impaired sleep, aches and pain, difficulty losing weight. In the long term, and if not addressed, these may develop into chronic conditions such as IBS, arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, and others. Louie is part of Medelit's Home Visiting Nurses Team and assists patients in their homes in the areas of London and Greater London. Book a Nurse Assistant Home Visit with Louie Coscos: Book a Nutrition Home Visit [...]


Ian Repton Physiotherapist Home Visits

Ian Repton - Medelit Home Visiting Physiotherapist ian repton physiotherapist Ian Repton Physiotherapist - Profile and Clinical Excellence Ian qualified as a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) from the University of Pretoria in 1997. Prior to that he also completed 2 years of a Human Movement Science degree. physio near me He started his own clinic in Pretoria in 1999 and then formed McCord and Repton Physiotherapy in 2002 and ran 4 clinics in the greater Pretoria area. physio at home Ian has a passion for sport and sports rehabilitation and was contracted to various elite sports teams including, SA ‘A’ cricket and High Performance teams, Northern Titans Cricket, Northern Blues Hockey and Worcestershire County Cricket Club. visiting physiotherapists in surrey Ian has also worked with golfers George Coetzee and Ernie Els (2002 Million Dollar). physio near me Over the 24 years of being qualified he has also improved his skill set by doing courses in dry needling, kinesio taping and cupping. Ian’s strength is his ability to get you back to being active and moving without pain. “I would like to thank the Titans Physiotherapist, Ian Repton, for keeping me on the park for the past 10 years.He has gone above and beyond the call of duty to keep me playing. You are a champion” Paul Harris, Proteas cricketer. “ I was crawling and looked like a human question mark. My lower back was excruciating. Ian treated me twice and I was walking pain free and after another session,played golf. I am following him everywhere now. Thank you Ian.” Ian Carter, patient. Ian provides physiotherapy home visits with Medelit for patients within the areas of West and South-west London, Greater London, Slough and Surrey. Book a Physiotherapy Home Visit with Ian Repton: Book a home Visit We're preferred for our: ♥ High Standards ♥ Courtesy ♥ Comfort ♥ Promptness ♥ Reliability ♥ Dedication ♥ Efficiency ♥ Availability Medelit House Call Services ⟩ Medical Services ⟩ Physiotherapy ⟩ Nursing services ⟩ Acupunture ⟩Speech Therapy ⟩ Podiatry


Marisa Santos – Home Visiting Nurse London

Marisa Santos - Medelit Home Visiting Nurse in London faby nutrionational therapist Marisa Santos - Profile and Clinical Excellence Clinical Profile: Nursing Degree, 2008, Superior Health School, Leiria, Portugal Royal Free Hospital, London — 2017 - 2020 - role as clinical nurse providing care for patients with end stage renal disease, carrying out all procedures related to dialysis, vascular access, blood transfusions and transplant. King’s College Hospital, London- 2015 - 2016 - ITU nurse taking care of patients of with life- threatening conditions. Performed regular monitoring of vital signs, administration of oral and IV medication, analysis of blood gases, including use of ventilators, advanced cardiac monitoring and neuro monitoring. Yeovil District Hospital, Yeovil, Somerset — 2014 - 2015 - staff nurse in an acute respiratory ward with activities such as administration of oral and IV drugs and fluids; administration of blood components; NG/PEG management; cannulation; management of BIPAP/CPAP and nebulizer machine, and other important techniques needed in patient's care. Fernando da Fonseca Hospital; Lisbon, Portugal — 2009 - 2014 - nurse in acute medical ward, responsible for approximately 10 patients with conditions such as  GI bleed; respiratory problems; hearth failure; drug and alcohol problems; diabetes. Marisa currently also works with Medelit, providing nursing home care services for patients in London and Greater London. Presentation: I’m an enthusiastic and experience nurse who loves to take care of others specially adults and elderly. Expert in compassionate communication, meticulous monitoring and record keeping. I’m kind, dedicated and well qualified offering proven skills in patient care, medication administration and treatment implementation. Since the beginning of my career, while working in a respiratory ward and in an intensive care unit, my role was to provide direct care to people of all ages with different health and social care needs, assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating the nursing career specific to each situation.  Also took care of terminal ill patients providing chronic pain relief and comfort in sickness adjusting the correct analgesia and support needed to patients and their family and friends. I work closely with doctors, physiotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists and I understand very well the needs of team work and importance of all team members. My work in acute setting gives me advantage to work with people with specific nursing needs like respiratory patients, dialysis patients, terminally ill and also perform common nursing techniques like injections, wound dressings, intravenous or intramuscular therapies, NG and PEG feeding and others.  I am dedicated to continuous improvement and development of my skills, always aiming to be informed of the latest guidelines and procedures and always being committed to a continuous learning. I am proud to be a quick learner, with a positive mind, attentive to small details and proud of my path so far, I am able to perform what is asked by clients with maximum quality and professionalism. Book a Nutritional Therapy  Home Visit with Simone Faby: Book a Nutrition Home Visit by calling: +44 020 36 37 56 [...]


F. Chowdhury Physiotherapist

Fehasan  Chowdhury -  Home visiting Physiotherapist in London Fehasan Chowdhury - Physiotherapist  As a physiotherapist, I have developed as an autonomous practitioner with a wide range of clinical skills, excellent teamwork and communication skills under the guidance of more senior physiotherapists since 2005. I always thrive to develop my skills and knowledge by participating in the training , self study and getting advice from the experienced physiotherapist. In order to update my practice recently I have done deep Tissue Massage Technique and Tapping and Strapping technique .I believe that I am able to apply my skills and knowledge to the patients. As I have developed as a physiotherapist I have also been challenged to develop leadership and organizational skills coordinating the clinic and supervising other staff. I have learnt to adapt my practice to be sensitive to different cultural needs. Throughout my career I find the work demanding but very rewarding when working in the clinic as well as patient home. I used to work closely with the family to implement a holistic plan of care that is best suited to the patient's needs. Patients arrive from many other settings needing specialised care and treatment. I have dealt with complex conditions including Stroke, GBS, post operative rehabilitation etc which required long time management.  I have a good understanding of the skills needed to care for an acutely unwell adult, both with surgical and medical needs. Once I started working in the community as a Rehabilitation Physiotherapist I developed my holistic assessment of the patients in the community, learning how to work as a Lone Worker and being able to understand giving advice and treatment in accordance with the patient's needs. Since qualifying as a Physiotherapist I have experience working in the rehabilitation centre, general hospital and private clinic in overseas managing complex cases with Neurological, Musculoskeletal and Orthopedic condition. Over the last five years I have been working in the NHS hospital, private clinic and in the community in UK, treating Individual with a wide variety of conditions, providing specialist physiotherapy interventions around fall prevention and orthopedic post surgery rehabilitation, sports massage and manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage supporting them to achieve the best possible recovery. I am passionate  about my work and thrive off seeing patient ’s progress and achieving goals.Currently I am working NHS St Mary’s Hospital bridge service in the community and seeing private patient in their own home. My areas of Expertise:Musculoskeletal conditionManual Lymphatic DrainageSports MassageNeurological conditionFall prevention, Orthopedic post surgery rehabilitation Fehasan is part of Medelit’s healthcare team and carries out Physiotherapy and Lymphatic Dainage Home Visits throughout London, directly in the comfort and privacy of your home. Book a Physiotherapy Home Visit with Feharan Chowdhury: Book a home Visit We're preferred for our: ♥ High Standards ♥ Courtesy ♥ Comfort ♥ Promptness ♥ Reliability ♥ Dedication ♥ Efficiency ♥ Availability Medelit House Call Services ⟩ Medical Services ⟩ Physiotherapy ⟩ Nursing services ⟩ Acupunture ⟩Speech Therapy ⟩ Podiatry [...]


Elderly and Long Term Nurse Care

Elderly and Long Term Nurse Care Highly Experienced Independent Nurses in Your Home Qualified Nurse Care in your Home Prompt, Trusted, High-Touch Care One-on-One Nurse Care, When and Where you need it Strictly selected, UK Registered Private Nurses Available 7 days a Week Elderly Patients and Long Term Illness Nurse Care Service Details If you need a private nurse at home for help with an elderly family member, for the management of a chronic or debilitating illness or because you are returning home after a surgery or hospitalisation, our home visiting nurses offer an ad hoc Elderly Patients and Long Term Illness Nurse Home Care Service centered on your specific needs. private nurse at home Medelit provides assistance only through highly qualified, UK registered, and strictly selected Private Nurses, and is therefore able to offer the highest level of nursing care both for people who need only a few hours of help, and for those in more critical or chronic conditions. personal nurse  Our visiting nurses are available 365 days a year and the service can be easily booked directly onine. We always try to respect every need, and will do our best to arrange the nurse's visit when it is most convenient for you. If you require long-term care, we can plan a regular schedule so you won't have to go through the hassle of re-booking the nurse's visit each time. hire private nurse in london Medelit's multidisciplinary team also allows those who need it to have access to a coordinated and integrated intervention plan that provides not only nursing assistance, but also the availability and medical intervention (general and/or specialist), psychological, physiotherapy and any other need for home assistance with qualified health practitioners or even online medical consultation. hire private nurse near me Book Your Nurse Yoday Currently available across London and Greater London A Trusted and Highly Qualified Home Nurse, Supporting You According to Your Needs Providing bespoke care in the friendliest of terms across London, with a team of the best Independent Nurses, visiting directly in your Home When to call a Medelit Home Nurse  Elderly Care Geriatric nursing specialises in the care of elderly adults. In providing home care to the elderly, our nurses address not only physical needs, but also psychological,  cultural and spiritual needs of each individual. Our home care nurses provide specialised support for the elderly, with a dedicated plan which will include common issues involving the elderly including the risk for falls, breating problems, hypothermia, disturbed sleep patterns, constipation and/or incontinence, cognitive impairment, risk for aspiration, dehydration, risks of Injury and infections, impaired skin integrity. Post-Hospitalisation After a hospital stay, you want to heal and get back to your best possible health as soon as possible, while staying in the comfort [...]


Stoma Care At Home

Stoma Care at Home Expert Nurses for Stoma and Pouch Management in Your Home Fully Registered, Highly Trained Nurses directly in Your Home Prompt, Trusted, High-Touch Stoma Care Support and Advice from the Best Stoma Nurses Hassle-free, Available 7 days a Week Stoma Care at Home Service Details In taking care of a temporary or permanent stoma, you and those taking care of you may need help to empty and change the stoma appliance. If you have a stoma, fistula or internal pouch, our home visiting stoma nurses can help you by providing direct stoma care, support and training. Our specialist stoma nurses will show you how to care for your stoma, including how to empty and change the appliance on your own or with the help of your family or carer. You will be given advice regarding your diet, ongoing supplies, and common stoma-related issues. best stoma nurses near me Our UK registered and experienced home nurses provide stoma care at home, eliminating all hassles and ensuring you receive the best care in the comfort and privacy of your own home. You will be provided with end to end management of all your stoma management needs as by your Doctor's indications, so if you are looking for the best stoma nurses near you in the UK, you are in the right place. london nurse at home for stoma Our stoma nurses can provide care for any stoma including an ileostomy, urostomy, or colostomy, by managing the stoma dressing and bags after the surgery, and by educating the patient and their family to take appropriate care of the stoma, and help you both emotionally navigate the changes and return to an independent life as soon as possible. This allows you to have a point of reference that is always available and can come to your home at any time in the event of an unforeseen and urgent situation. book a home nurse for stoma  You can book a home visit for Stoma Care with our nurses any day of the week, weekends and bank holidays included either vis chat, online or by phone, by contacting our Operations Team. Our team will ask for your Doctor's referral letter wherever this is available so that we can provide our nurse with full information necessary to carry out the home visit. Book Your Home Visit Today Currently available across London and Greater London Your Trusted and Expert Stoma Care at Home Service Providing Specialised Stoma Care with fully Registered, Highly Experienced Private Stoma Nurses, visiting directly in your Home. What is a Stoma? A stoma is an artificial opening created on the abdominal wall following surgery, trauma or an illness, that can be connected to either your digestive or urinary system to allow waste [...]

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