Podiatry – Chiropody Home Visits in London & Hertfordshire

  • Book a Podiatrist in Your Home, Hotel, Office or Care Home

  • No Travelling, no Traffic, no Hassle

  • Experienced, UK Registered Podiatrists

  • Home Visits 7/7, according to Your Schedule

  • Mobile Podiatry with Easy Booking

Podiatry Home visit

Our Mobile Podiatry Service:

Medelit’s Podiatry and Chiropody Home Visit Service is an exclusive, meticulously curated service, delivered by the best UK-qualified and fully registered Podiatrists, meticulously selected for their expertise and qualifications.

Our Mobile Podiatry Service saves you time and removes the hassle of traveling to a busy clinic, especially if you are having difficulties in moving due to foot pain or other foot-related issues. Our expanding team currently covers most of London, Greater London and Hertfordshire.

We provide comprehensive professional foot care right in your Home, Hotel, Workplace, or Care Home at your convenience, seven days a week, with no waiting list, and at a time that is convenient to you.chiropodist home visit

Scheduling appointments is effortless through our user-friendly online booking system. Whether you prefer a set schedule for follow-up appointments or prefer to arrange visits as needed, we tailor our service to your convenience.

Our Mobile Podiatry Service can also be booked for corporate Healthcare plans and check-ups, directly on-site, for small and large companies across London, Greater London and Hertfordshire.

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What Our Home Visiting Podiatrists Offer:

podiatrist for nail cutting

General Foot Care

Foot Care of Skin & Nails

chiropodist for corns and callus

Corns and Callus Care

Corns and Callus Care

podiatrist chiropodist ingrown toenail

Thickened & Ingrown Toe Nails

Thickened & Ingrown Toe Nails

Flat Feet

Flat Feet

podiatrist diabetic foot

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic Foot Care

podiatrist chiropodist bunion hammer toe

Bunions and Hammer Toes

podiatrist for children

Children's Foot Problems

Children’s Foot Problems

verrucae wart podiatrist chiropodist

Verrucaes / Warts

Verruca Treatments

podiatrist for foot dressing

Protective Dressings and Strappings

Protective Dressings and Strappings

podiatrist treatment of nail infection

Nail Infection Treatment

Treatments for Nail Infections

podiatrist insole

Arch Supports and Insoles

Temporary or “off the shelf” Arch Supports and Insoles

podiatrist foorwear advice

Footwear Advice

Footwear Advice

podiatrist foot biomechanical advice

Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanical Assessment

home podiatrist rehabilitation

Foot Rehabilitation

Exercise Prescription

podiatrist for nail cutting

Foot Health Advice

Foot Health Education & Self-Care Advice

Highly Qualified Podiatrists in the Comfort of Your Own Home

How Does it Work?

Our qualified and skilled podiatrists and chiropodists are friendly, professional, and constantly train to progress their skills, to ensure you receive the highest quality care. They are equipped with all the necessary mobile sterile instruments and treat a variety of conditions including callouses, warts, fungal infections, bunions, corns, ingrown nails, injuries, foot rehabilitation and posture-related aches and pains. chiropodist near me

On top of full treatment, our Podiatrists will also provide you and your loved one with foot health advice. Moreover, consultations about your foot health are also available remotely, thanks to an online podiatry video-consultation that will put you in contact with our UK qualified, HCPC-Registered podiatrists from wherever you are. mobile podiatry service

podiatry home visit london

Your Podiatry Home Visit: 

Our podiatrists and chiropodists work one-on-one with patients to develop a tailored treatment plan which will help you find relief from your pain and manage long-term goals so that you can live your life without burdens.

During your first podiatry home visit, a brief medical history will be gathered, your feet will be assessed, and many questions will be asked about the issues you are having so that a bespoke treatment plan can be drawn for you. chiropodist home visit

The first assessment will include a foot examination (including any changes in the vascular and lymphatic systems, skin conditions, bone, articulation or muscle issues and/or inflammation), and a biomechanical examination. The assessment and treatment session usually lasts around 30 to 45 minutes and will depend on your specific needs. mobile chiropodist

We always ask for the first availability from our podiatrists and can usually provide the appointment within a few days. However, if you need an appointment urgently, please let me know and we will do our best to accommodate an urgent appointment for you.

To schedule a follow-up appointment, you may do so directly with your podiatrist during your initial visit at home, or contact us at your convenience for further care. For those needing occasional follow-up care, single sessions can be booked as required. For regular, ongoing podiatric care, consider our package of five treatments. This option ensures your foot health is consistently monitored and managed throughout the year, with scheduled appointments and the added advantage of a discounted rate. Let us handle the details, so you can walk comfortably without the worry of scheduling.

Qualifications & Vetting of Our Home Visiting Chiropodists:

As a company born with the goal of providing the most caring of services, we take immense pride in selecting the most highly qualified podiatrists in the UK to treat our patients. We prioritize the quality of care we provide to our patients above all else.

Our Podiatrists are all registered with the HCPC,  fully vetted, insured, and trained to the highest standards. However, our rigorous vetting process goes well beyond, and ensures that each podiatrist on our team possesses not only exceptional medical expertise but also a genuine commitment to the well-being of our patients.

This dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality and care is at the core of everything we do, making us a trusted and dependable choice for all your footcare needs.

Podiatry Home Visits to:


Benefits of Podiatry Home Visits:

  • Highest standards of foot care,  directly in your Home

  • Schedule your foot treatment at the time that best suits you

  • Receive comprehensive foot care, with no need to attend a clinic.

  • Maximum privacy and comfort.
  • No hassle for transport, traffic or parking
  • Fully UK Registered, Highly Qualified Podiatrists

We’re preferred for our:
 High Standards
♥ Promptness
♥ Reliability
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