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Do you remember when Doctors used to do Home Visits? 

about medelit italy

What is Medelit?

Medelit is a complete mobile medical practice. We are committed to providing a comprehensive array of medical and paramedical services directly at your home, hotel or office throughout the city of Milan. about medelit italy

Who we are:

Medelit is owned and run by physicians. The company was founded thanks to the determination, experience and commitment of a tight-knit team of healthcare professionals who believe in the value of an attentive, personal, one-to-one healthcare. about us medelit

Our Team:

Our Doctors, psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, midwives, speech therapists and podiatrists offer thorough, high-quality home based treatment and diagnostic services as provided only in the best outpatient clinical settings vailable in the area.

Our team is formed by a well coordinated multidisciplinary network of carefully selected and highly qualified medical and paramedical professionals.

Each member of our staff is fully licensed and credentialed and most of them practice locally in the largest hospitals of the Country and all have reached standards of excellence in their fields of practice.

Our values and mission:

As a team, we firmly believe in the values of  a personal, one-on-one medical assistance.

Our concept is that patients should always come first. home visits doctors

We provide foreigners staying in the area (for business, vacation or pleasure) an accessible, relaxed and caring health service. We deliver in a comprehensible way, in your own language, and in a timely and comfortable manner. doctors milano

Whether you’re in need of immediate medical attention or just want to request a routine check-up, Medelit provides you with compassionate, high-quality medical assistance in the privacy and comfort of your home, office or hotel room. about medelit italy

about medelit

Visiting in Italy? Relax … Your health is in Good Hands!

  • We’re the n° 1 English-speaking Medical Service in Italy
  • > 160 Highly Qualified Home Visiting Healthcare Professionals
  • Multi-language and Multidisciplinary Team
  • High-Touch, Patient-centered Medical Assistance
  • All your Healthcare Needs in One Trusted Provider
  • Prompt and Exclusive Medical Assistance on your terms

We are committed to providing excellence in home healthcare:

Accessibility and Contact: Our services can be easily booked by phone or email, payment can be done directly whilst booking, with a credit card. Our professionals are easily traceable and contactable.

Dedicated time and privacy: Dedicated time is based on your needs. Your privacy is respected and guaranteed.

Expertise, kindness and sensitiveness: all of our clinical staff members have been selected for their high levels of expertise and empathy. Read more

When away from home and in a foreign country, medical care can become a serious issue.

There are many issues to be considered:

– The Healthcare system probably works in a different way
– You may not know any doctors to which to refer in the area
– Communication may become an issue due to a different language spoken by professionals
– Moving around the city and finding the address of a doctor’s office may represent a further obstacle

The concept is simple but vital: We Come to You.

We fully comprehend the increased difficulties you may have in  reaching healthcare as a foreigner visiting or living in Milan and are therefore committed in providing you with an easily accessible, high-quality and comprehensive healthcare service.

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We send a quality evaluation form to all our patients after each service we provide.

99% of reviews come back with a 5 star rating.

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