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Podiatry Home Visit Service Details

Medelit’s English speaking Podiatry Home Visit Service offers you top quality specialized professional foot care. Our home visiting podiatrists provide high standards of treatment and will assist you in your home, office, or hotel or wherever you might need them in Milan, Genoa, Florence and Rome.

We’re only given one pair of feet and we have to use them every day, so it’s important to take good care of them. Whether you don’t have time to go to a podiatric clinic or whether you are having actual difficulties in moving due to foot pain or other foot-related issues, we are well equipped to offer a full range of services in a comfortable home environment and assist you directly in English.

Chiropody treatments are dedicated to all the feet disorders that can occur in different stages of life, in children, adolescents, adults and seniors. Our practitioners dispose of portable and sterilized instruments from the latest generation equipment.

Regular foot care carried out by our podiatrists generally includes nail cut and care, corn and callus reduction, treatment of ingrown nails, treatment of bunions, verrucas (warts), fungal nails and heel pain, and routine foot care and prevention in people with chronic diseases such as diabetes (diabetic foot care). Together with full treatment, our Podiatrists will also provide you and your loved one with foot health advice.

Moreover, consultations about your lifestyle and foot care are also available remotely, thanks to an online podiatry video-consultation that will put you in contact with our qualified English-speaking podiatrists from wherever you are.

Home visits with our Chiropodists can be booked 365 days per year, including weekends and bank holidays without any cost differences, from 09.30 am to 06.30 pm by calling at +39 02 87366070, or through our website form or chat.

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Our Podiatrists can be booked from everyday, 09.30 am to 06.30 pm by calling:

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Areas Covered by our Podiatry Home Visit Service

Areas Covered: Milan, Monza, Genoa, Florence and Rome

Online Video Consultations available remotely worldwide

Our English-Speaking Mobile Podiatry Services:

general foot care podiatrist chiropodist italy

General Foot Care

Foot Care of Skin & Nails

corns and callus podiatry chiropody italy

Corns and Callus Care

Corns and Callus Care

thickened toenails toenail cut podiatrist chiropodist italy

Thickened & Ingrown Toe Nails

Thickened & Ingrown Toe Nails

flat feet podiatrist chiropodist italy

Flat Feet

Flat Feet

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic Foot Care

podiatrist chiropodist bunion hammer toe italy

Bunions and Hammer Toes

Bunions and Hammer Toes Treatment

Children’s Foot Problems

Children’s Foot Problems


Verruca Treatments

podiatrist for foot dressing bandage

Protective Dressings and Strappings

Protective Dressings and Strappings

podiatrist nail infection italy

Nail Infections Treatment

Treatments for Nail Infections

podiatrist for insoles italy

Arch Supports and Insoles

Temporary or “off the shelf” Arch Supports and Insoles

english speaking podiatrist footwear advice

Footwear Advice

Footwear Advice

english speaking podiatrist for biomechanical assessment italy

Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanical Assessment

Foot Rehabilitation

Exercise Prescription

english speaking podiatrist foot manipulation

Foot Manipulation

Foot Manipulation

Podiatry Home Visit Service available in many Cities:

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English Speaking Podiatrists in Milan

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English-speaking Podiatrists in Rome

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English speaking Podiatrists in Genoa
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English speaking Podiatrists in Florence

Italy’s Leading Home Visiting Healthcare Service

A Team of Fully Trained and Registered English-speaking Podiatrists providing Top-quality Professional Foot Care directly in your Home.

What is Podiatry? Home visit

Podiatry, or Chiropody, is a branch of health practice that focuses on the health, well-being, and care of foot-related issues. Podiatrists treat fungal infections, warts, ingrown toenails, foot ulcers and wounds, diabetic foot, nail issues, calluses, and corns, and also provide professional and proper nail cutting and foot hygiene that can prevent possible complications of non-professional and self-care.

About our Podiatrists? podiatry home visit

All our Podiatrists are:

  • Fully registered and insured
  • Vetted with a full background check, reference check, and interview with our managing Doctors
  • Selected for their high levels of professional experience

Our podiatrists also work together within a multidisciplinary team of physiatric and orthopaedic consultants, dermatologists, physiotherapists, osteopaths and nurses within Medelit, so we can fully provide for your foot care with all the treatments you may need. English speaking podiatrist milano


  • Sit back and relax. We come to you
  • English speaking, highly trained podiatrists
  • Home visits available with flexibility, including weekends and evenings
  • Connection to a multidisciplinary network of outstanding healthcare professionals
  • Full 60 minute visit and treatment tailored on your needs

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Booking a home visit with our Podiatrists is very simple. You can contact us directly by phone:

Milan, Florence and Genoa

 02 87366070


06 97635353

Or online:

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