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Workplace Covid-19 Testing Details:

Are you an international company looking into providing mass testing for your employees, staff, guests, or clients in Italy? With employees returning to workspaces and lockdown rules being relaxed, it is important for all individuals to be tested regularly in order to avoid outbreaks. We are able to provide On-site Covid-19 Testing for Businesses across Italy, with seamless support in both national and international settings.

In this regard, we can quickly arrange antibody blood  (the “Have I had coronavirus?” test) and/or swab (the “Do I currently have coronavirus?” test) testing services for your employees and/or clients through our fully accredited partner labs throughout Italy.

Our corporate Covid-19 testing service is provided by our board-certified, English Speaking Doctors and Nurses.

We provide a fast and flexible service, tailored on your company’s needs, and our English-speaking Operations team will support you in all phases of the process, including initial regulations evaluation, compliance procedures, testing environment setup and notification processes. Results reports are provided in Italian and/or English and sent in securely digital form. All Covid-19 tests are analyzed through our accredited and certified Laboratories across Italy and reporting to local authorities is included.

Moreover, if your employees need to consult with a Doctor to decide whether they need a test and which type of test is best for them, or if they wish to talk to a Doctor once test results come through, our practice provides quick access to Online Doctor Consultations with our Covid-19 dedicated team of expert, English-speaking Doctors.

To book a Covid-19 Testing service for your offices or employees in Italy, contact our Operations Team 7 days a week,, from 09.30 am to 6.30 pm at +39 02 87366070 or through our dedicated  email:

Your request will be immediately taken over and the test organised in a very short time or according to your needs, usually within a maximum of 24/48 hours.

Covid Tests Available:

  • COVID Antibody Blood Test

    Test based on a blood sample to detect IgG antibodies
    Samples collected at your location and sent to an accredited external lab
    Antibody test results available within 1-2 working days

  • COVID Swab PCR Test

    Popular ‘Pre-Travel’ or ‘Fit to Fly’ PCR testing – Diagnostic Test for active coronavirus Infection
    Swab test from the back of the throat and your nasal cavity
    Samples collected to your location and sent to an accredited external lab
    Results in 48/72 h – Italian/English Report

  • COVID Rapid Antigen Test

    Swab test from the back of the throat and your nasal cavity
    Tests for active coronavirus
    No waiting for results – test assessed on-site, results available in around 15 minutes
    Italian/English Report

Currently available across Italy

Book a Covid-19 On Site Corporate Testing Service Now

Our Nursing service can be booked everyday, from 09.30am to 06.30 pm by calling:

Center-North Italy

 +39 0287366070

Center-South Italy

+39 0697635353

Or by booking directly online:

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Area Covered by our Covid-19 On Site Corporate Testing Service

Areas covered by our Corporate Service: Lombardy (Milan, Monza, Pavia, Lecco), Lazio (Rome, Latina), Tuscany (Florence, Pisa), Liguria (Genoa and Savona), Sardinia (Cagliari).

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Covid-19 On Site Corporate Testing

Coronavirus has a significant impact on businesses. As an employer, you want to get your employees back to work safely and healthily as soon as possible. Testing your employees can make an important contribution to this, in order to prevent any outbreaks.

How does the service Work? Covid-19 On Site Corporate Testing

The method of testing depends on the test choice, it will include a nase-throat swab or a blood test. Our health care professionals will collect the sample and this will then be analyzed in high-priority by one of our partnered government-authorized labs. The results be transmitted in encrypted, GDPR compliant, fully confidential format.

Covid-19 Testing Options On Site Corporate

  • Rapid Antigen Test and/or PCR Swab Testing – This test will accurately detect a current Covid-19 infection using a combined nasal/throat swab.
  • Antibody Testing – This test is used to detect IgG antibodies and look for a past Coronavirus infection.

How to Enquire Covid-19 On Site Corporate Testing

Please email with the number of employees you want tested, the test you are seeking, your office location, and your preferred dates for testing. We will get back to you immediately.

We serve various industries including:

  • Multinational companies
  • Healthcare Insurance companies
  • International Assistance Companies
  • Film/TV/News Production Companies
  • Event Organisation Companies
  • Schools/Universities
  • Relocation  Agencies

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Book our Covid-19 On Site Corporate Testing Service

Booking our corporate testing service is very simple. You can contact us directly by phone:

+39 02 87366070 (Center-North Italy)

+30 06 97635353 (Center-South Italy)

Or online:

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