Healthcare For Expats, Tourists and Business People

Medelit is capable of offering a wide variety of top-quality healthcare services to Foreign and Italian residents or tourists staying in Milan.

Whether you are a tourist in need of routine or prompt medical care; a corporate or business traveller in need of pre-travel consultation and coordination of care while in Italy; a foreign resident in need of a trustworthy reference for your healthcare needs, we provide comprehensive, personalised medical and paramedical care directly in your home, workplace, resort or hotel room.
Whether you are in need of immediate medical attention or just want a routine check-up, our multilingual staff who can assist you wherever you are. And our aim is to do so in your own language.
Please take notice that Medelit does not provide emergency service.

If you think you need urgent medical attention we recommend that you to go to the nearest ER or call an ambulance.

healthcare in milanoWhy call Medelit?

You should call us if:

  1. You need a healthcare service that can fit in with your schedule/engagements, delivered in a comfortable location and at a convenient time.
  2. You are a businessman and need medical care to be scheduled according to your agenda and delivered directly at your office, with no loss of time.
  3. You need a complete, coordinated and trustworthy healthcare service to which to refer in case of need
  4. You want to receive medical assistance quickly, in your own language and in a comprehensive wayYou don’t have time to or are unable to move from home for an appointment with a healthcare professional.You have difficulties moving around the city in search of a medical office or hospital.
  5. You are having difficulties in talking to or fixing an early appointment with a doctor
  6. You don’t have time to or you don’t want to go to a hospital or medical office for a consultation

Milan is a busy city, where everyone is always on the move. In Medelit we adapt our service delivery to your schedule, not the other way around.

We can visit you at home after work, at the office during your break, or at your hotel during a business trip.

Our patients also include high profile business people and VIPs that prefer to be treated in private and need flexible timing. We are, for example, extremely busy during fashion week, when we’re called upon for all the medical assistance of the leading ateliers in Milan, where designers and models need to be visited in between appointments and fashion shows.

Even so, we still offer competitive prices, as our aim is to provide excellent health for everyone.