Medical Services for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators

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Milan is the second largest city in Italy and is a focal point for many conventions as well as business and fashion events.

This translates into an elevated number of travellers staying in the city at all times of year.

Travel Agencies normally provide healthcare insurance for their clients in their packages, but more and more often we are seeing people leave for their holidays without healthcare insurance.

In these cases, it is very important for travel agencies to have a trusted point of reference for their clients.

This is also true when tourists do have an insurance but call their travel agencies to receive information on where to go locally so as to see an English speaking Doctor.

MEDELIT provides a benchmark for prompt, high-quality house call medical assistance for travel Agencies and Tour Operators worldwide.

Milano is also a city famous for its high levels of medical care, with people travelling from a range of countries to receive advaced treatments.

For this reason Medelit also works with various medical tourism agencies and for their clients in search for medical assistance in Milano.

Our doctors and nurses work within the best hospitals in Milano and can therefore provide English speaking professional accompanying services during their client’s hospital stay as well as additional home visiting services before and after their hospital stay.