Abigail St. John – Medelit Home Visiting Consultant in Podiatry

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Abigail St. John graduated in 2010.

She is working for the Central London Community Health NHS Trust, based at St Charles Hospital, specialising in high risk Diabetic foot care, high risk Rhuematoid patients, immunosuppressed patients and vulnerable adults.

Since October 2017, Abigail works as a Private Practitioner specialising in pain management, laser therapy and custom made orthotics.

For two years she used to work at St George’s Hospital NHS Trust, specialised in high risk Diabetic foot care and surgical intervention.

Between 2013 and 2015, she used to work for:

  • Biomechanics Specialist  Multidisciplinary MSK clinic, specialising in custom made orthotics and sports injury


  • NHS Wirral Community Trust NHS (community podiatry, routine podiatry, home visits, wound care and nail surgery)


  • Isle of Man Health Care (Hospital based routine podiatry, wound care and nail surgery)


  • Footworks Liverpool (private practitioner, private clinic, routine podiatry and nail surgery)


Abigail joined Medelit in 2018 and provides Podiatrist Home Visit in the area of London.

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