Covid-19 Test – Nurse Assisted Swabs and
Blood Tests in Your Home in London

  • Private Covid-19 Testing directly in your Home or Company

  • With Board Certified, Fully Registered Nurses

  • With our Partnered UKAS Certified, PHE approved Labs

  • Professional Testing in the Comfort of Your Home

private home covid testing in london

Covid-19 Testing – Home Assisted Swab and Antibody Testing Service Details

To cope with the current health emergency, Medelit offers a private COVID-19 Coronavirus Testing service across London and Greater London, allowing you to access exceptional healthcare in a time you need it most.

In this regard, we provide all kinds of COVID-19 swab and blood tests in London – including PCR testing, Rapid Antigen tests and Antibody testing – directly to your home. We also provide full at-home or on-site testing services for workers of our corporate clients.

The service is provided by our highly trained Doctors and Nurses and is dedicated to all those who prefer for their swab to be carried out by a trained healthcare professional rather than do it themselves and either prefer not leaving the comfort of their home or need to self-isolate. Our private COVID-19 tests are available for screening, work or travel purposes, and help you and your loved ones keep safe. Our tests are approved by Public Health England and all results are shared with NHS Test&Trace and Public Health England.

Our Mobile Covid Testing service is provided 7 days a week, on flexible timings, with Medelit’s board certified and fully registered nurses, in compliance with the latest prevention and control measures, and in collaboration with our partnered UKAS-certified and accredited British Labs and test providers. Results are within 15 minutes with rapid antigen tests and come within 48 hours with the PCR tests. Antibody tests imply a blood withdrawal and will take a couple of days to come back.

Both before and after your COVID-19 test, we can also provide you with medical advice in Video Consultation with one of our expert Doctors so that you can discuss your needs and/or the meaning and implications of your COVID-19 test results.

Call us at 020 36375657 or contact us through the website chat or by email to book a Covid-19 Test at home or in your workplace in London. We are open 7 days a week from 08.30 am to 05.30.

For more information on our COVID19 testing services for businesses, feel free to contact our corporate operations team through our dedicated corporate enquiry form.

Medelit Covid Tests Provided

Currently available across London and Greater London

Request our Nurse-Assisted Home Covid-19 Testing Service

The Nursing services can be booked every day of the year from 08.30 am to 05.30 pm by calling:

020 36 37 56 57

Or by booking directly online:

Book a COVID-19 TEST

Areas we Cover with our Mobile Covid Testing Service

Areas covered by our Nurse-assisted home swabbing service: London and Greater London.

Professional Covid-19 Testing Service in Your Home – Ensuring Accurate Results for You and your Loved Ones.

About our Professional Covid Testing Service

Our qualified and fully registered nurses carry out COVID 19 swabs and COVID antibody blood tests in London and Greater London. The offer dedicated to the detection, monitoring and prevention of the new coronavirus is part of our coordinated and highly selected network of professionals operating throughout UK.

Antibody Covid Tests

Antibody tests look for the presence of coronavirus antibodies in the blood, a positive result indicates that you have previously been infected with COVID-19 / coronavirus. They are performed by taking and analysing a blood sample. They exist both in the rapid form and in the more traditional one, with analysis performed in the laboratory.

PCR Covid Tests

PCR swab testing for COVID-19 is the most accurate testing method available for an active infection, with close to 100% accuracy. A simple throat and nose swab can tell you if you are carrying an active infection.

A swab carried out by a trained healthcare professional ensures that the sample is taken correctly and can help provide more accurate results.

This will help you decide on your medical management and after lockdown is the only sure way to exclude an active infection before visiting elderly relatives or a vulnerable person. You can also use this swab test result certificate if needed for travel and work purposes.

Antigen Covid Tests

Antigen swab tests are very convenient as they allow very rapid result (15 minutes). The reliability of these tests tends to be lower than that of molecular swabs and their use is mostly for screening purpose, especially in schools and companies. The nurse-assisted swabbing service Medelit provides ensures that the swab is carried out correctly, by a trained healthcare professional who will also be able to correctly interpret results. The assisted-swabbing service also provides certified results and traceability through PHE and NHS Track & trace notification thanks to our partnership with UKAS certified labs.

COVID-19 Testing Service FAQs

There are 2 macro types of COVID-19 Tests available:
– COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests: These include PCR or Rapid Antigen Swab Test. A swab test is used to detect if you CURRENTLY have a COVID-19 infection. This test should be performed between Day 1-5 of the onset of your symptoms.
– COVID-19 IgG Antibody Test: this is a test to detect if you have PREVIOUSLY had a COVID-19 infection. This test should be performed 14 days or more following exposure or onset of symptoms.

Covid Tests are highly accurate laboratory tests, carried out at a UKAS Accredited Laboratory with high sensitivity and specificity.

The Covid PCR Swab Test has a 98% sensitivity, 100% specificity and 98.8% accuracy. Whereas, the Covid IgG Antibody Test has a sensitivity of >93% & Specificity of >96%.

If you are currently displaying symptoms of coronavirus, the at-home swab test is perfect for you at this point. Whereas, if you’re wanting to find out if you have been previously infected with COVID-19, the antibody test is best for you.

However a safer test starts with a consultation with your Doctor who will help you find out the best suitable test for you. You can also refer to Medelit’s Medical Video Consultation service and receive advice from one of our Doctors on which test it is best for you to take.

We offer rapid results with quick turnaround times. Below are the approximate turnaround times (weekends and bank holidays excluded) for the tests from the date of receipt of the test at the laboratory:
– COVID-19 Antigen Test – 15 minutes
– COVID-19 PCR Swab Test – 1/2 days
– COVID-19 IgG Antibody Test – 1/2 days

You will receive your full report to the e-mail address you provide. All information sent and results are encrypted and treated as 100% confidential.

If you test positive, you have an active COVID-19 infection and you are at risk of transmitting it to others. Please contact follow the current Government guidance on self-isolation.

Book our Home Covid Testing Service

Booking a Covid-19 Test at Home with our Nurses is very simple. You can contact us directly by phone:

 020 36 37 56 57

Or online:

Book a COVID-19 Test


  • Swab carried out by a board-certified, fully registered Nurse

  • No Stress. We Come to you, with all the necessary.

  • Rapid and certified results through our accredited partnered Labs.

  • Both for Private and Business Testing purposes.

  • PHE and NHS track & Trace reporting included.

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