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Elderly Medicine Home Visits

Medelit’s home visiting Elderly Medicine service is specialised in the care of a broad range of conditions in older patients (over the age of 65) who require dedicated support at home or in care homes. elderly medicine home visit

During our first home visit, our Geriatrics consultants provide the patient, and patient’s caregiver, with an in-depth general assessment including a review of the current treatment plan and specialistic advice on any additional useful tests. Follow up consultations with your consultant Geriatrician can be carried out by home visits or remotely, by phone and/or Skype. This allows us to provide high-touch, effective and personalised care individually tailored on each of our patients. gerontologist london

In our comprehensive geriatric care we place a lot of value on building a trusted and emphatic doctor-patient relationship where the quality of individualised care is also ensured by the involvement of caregivers, who are essential to the achievement of the patient’s personal health goals. private geriatrician london

Our Elderly Medicine Home visits can be provided at a private residence or be arranged in independent senior living, assisted living and nursing homes. geriatrics home visit

Our geriatricians provide treatment of chronic medical conditions (stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, dementia, arthritis, late effect of fractures, pressure ulcers, frailty, cancer, etc), coordinated care with others and prevent emergency room visits and hospitalisation.  Elderly Medicine Home Visit

We are very passionate about improving the quality of life for our elderly patients and do all we can to make them live as independently as possible, including providing them fast access to all of the support that they need. gerontology consultant

What is Geriatric Medicine?

Elderly people have unique needs in terms of healthcare, and for this reason they require specialised care. Medelit uses a multi-disciplinary approach to address all conditions associated to the process of aging, be it for patients who are undergoing the natural physical, social and psychological changes of aging, or for more specific medical problems requiring continuing and coordinated care.

The geriatrician is a physician able to evaluate and manage typical age-related needs. The task is often made difficult by the fact that it is not unusual, after 65 years, to experience simultaneously several health problems that would require the intervention of different specialists. The geriatric also avoids that the simultaneous intake of drugs has side effects or produce dangerous interactions. lister hospital elderly medicine

For many elderly patients, the geriatrician assumes the role of primary care Doctor, and will be providing for many aspects of care including diagnosis and treatment of many acute illnesses, and management of chronic illnesses, disease prevention, health maintenance, education, optimal nutrition and counselling, . The tools used are generally physical examination associated with laboratory and other tests as required. geriatric st. george’s hospital

What are the conditions treated by our Geriatricians?

The conditions most often treated by our Geriatricians are: london bridge geriatrics

  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Difficulties in social interactions
  • Memory disorders (including Alzheimer’s disease)
  • Hypertension
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Cognitive disorders

Very often elderly patients are affected by more than one of these diseases at the same time. The geriatrician’s broad medical knowledge provides an important advantage in these cases. In addition to this, elderly medicine specialists are used to approaching complex and multi-pathology patients and they usually work within a multidisciplinary team dedicated to both patient care and family support. london clinic geriatrics

elderly medicine london

Our team of specialised healthcare professionals includes, in addition to the Geriatrician, experts such physiotherapists, speech therapists, and psychologists. This multidisciplinary approach enables us to deliver comprehensive and holistic patient care which provides for medical, social and emotional needs, where we also pay attention to problems such as memory loss, incontinence, risk of falls and any changes in social interaction and mental health. Elderly Medicine Home Visit

When should you see a Geriatrician?

Generally, geriatric consultations are required by all patients over 65  living with multiple health problems, including cognitive disorders.
A visit with a specialist in Elderly medicine is advisable whenever an elderly person’s state of health is invalidated to the point where they become fragile or loose independence and start relying on family, friends or professional carers for in their every day life. In other cases, the geriatrician needs to be called so as to oversee and coordinate therapies which can sometimes become difficult to manage, most of all when there are various specialists handling the various health problems with which the patient lives.  Elderly Medicine Home Visit

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Our Leading Geriatricians offer specialised care for medical conditions such as:

The main signs and symptoms of arthritis are pain, swelling, redness, and stiffness of the joints, all indicators of an inflammatory state. Treatment depends on the type of arthritis, but the main goal is in any case that of reducing inflammation and its associated symptoms, therefore improving quality of life. A consultant in Elderly medicine will be able to identify the best therapy for your arthritis.

Hyperglycemia in itself does not always result in the appearance of any symptoms or signs, so diabetes is considered a deceiving disease. Sometimes the symptoms appear when the disease has already been there present for years. Typical symptoms in acute cases are tiredness, increased thirst (polydipsia), increased urination (polyuria) unexplained weight loss (sometimes even associated with an increased appetite), malaise and abdominal pain. In addition to these symptoms, in the most serious cases the patient might undergo mental confusion and a loss of consciousness. Diabete can lead to some major complications involving in particular the peripheral nervous system, kidneys, retina, brain and heart.

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive degenerative disease that destroys brain cells, causing irreversible deterioration of cognitive functions (reasoning, memory and language), and therefore a loss in autonomy and in the ability to perform normal everyday activities.

The earliest symptom that you need to pay attention to is usually the loss of memory, which initially appears in a subtle form, and then gradually progresses to become increasingly important. The disease’s progression is usually characterised by the appearance of other disorders such as speech and language alterations, communication impairment and disorientation, both spatial and temporal, which result in a difficulty in performing normal daily activities and consequent loss of independence. It is also not uncommon for people affected by Alzheimer’s disease to show personality alterations, showing for example less interest in their hobbies or work.

High blood pressure in the arteries, or hypertension affects approximately 30% of the adult population. It increases the risk of having a stroke, and it can also increase the chances of developing kidney damage, heart disease, and many other serious health problems.

Patients with cardiovascular disease require special attention, particularly in terms of diet and lifestyle.

Physical exercise, diet, periodic checks, stress, smoke, infections, and drug or alcohol use can have a major impact on the health of our hearts.

In addition, elderly patients affected by cardiovascular disease often have other diseases  such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, neurologic disorders, which makes it even more necessary for an elderly medicine consultant to create a personalised and comprehensive care plan.

Cognitive disorders cause people to have difficulties in thinking clearly and precisely. Although symptoms of cognitive disorders vary, they are generally characterised by impaired perception, reasoning, awarness, judgment and memory.

Cognitive disorders can be caused by a wide variety of factors including general medical conditions, brain infections and head injuries. An elderly medicine consultant will be able to recognise the signs of cognitive impairment and request the tests that are necessary to  reach a medical diagnosis, plan the best treatment and provide the best advice on how to deal with this impairing condition.

What can I expect from my home visit?

During the visit with your elderly medicine consultant, your complete medical history will be collected, the Doctor will carry out a full medical examination, and then discuss with you his findings, and development a treatment plan.  Because of the complexity of some situations, elderly patients’ caregivers (family or professional) are usually involved during or after the visit, so that, with the patient’s consent, they can be informed on findings, changes in therapy and any further tests to be carried out. The involvement of family or caregivers is very helpful in order to assist the patient in the implementation of the treatment plan.

What can I do before the appointment?

Our consultants dedicate all necessary time to the patient and his situation. Sometimes, gathering all the clinical history of an elderly patient may be very challenging, and information sent through a referral letter may not be sufficient, so it can be helpful to:

  • Ask your GP to prepare a referral letter summarising you medical history and current issues
  • Arrange for medical records to be made available in advance for the consultant to review
  • Send of bring copies of discharge summaries from any recent hospitalisation and any special tests that you have undergone
  • Ask any specialists visiting you to leave you a copy of the record of the visit
  • Make a list of the medications you are taking or gather all the containers for the Consultant to review during the visit. elderly medicine home visit london

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About our Home Visiting Geriatricians

All our  Consultants are:

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  • Vetted with a full background check, reference check and interview with our managing Doctors wellington hospital elderly
  • Selected for their highest levels of experience and qualifications and for their leading role within their field of practise.

Our Geriatricians have gathered relevant experience, both within the NHS and/or in private practise in the UK. elderly medicine doctor london

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Arshad RatherConsultant Geriatrician
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