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Surgeon Home Visit Service details

The evaluation of a surgeon is generally requested by a GP or family doctor when the confirmation of a diagnosis is to be provided or when a surgery is deemed necessary and therefore needs to be scheduled and organised.

In any case, the first person to talk to when you think a surgery might be necessary is your family doctor.

He or she will evaluate your clinical conditions, request any necessary further exams and refer you to a surgeon if needed.

A visit with a surgeon doesn’t really differ from any other medical evaluation (clinical history, physical examination, etc.), however particular attention will obviously be paid to the condition for which you are needing a Surgeon.

A distinction must be made between general surgeons (who may treat minor, common and emergency surgeries) and specialistic surgeons (who treat major and more specific surgeries regarding specific organs and discipline areas such as gynecology).

A home visit with our neurologist can be easily booked from everyday, 09.30am to 06.30 pm. We will fix the appointment with an english speaking neurologist within a maximum of 48-72 hours from your request.

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The Surgeon Home Visit can be booked everyday, from 09.30am to 06.30 pm by calling:


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+39 0697635353

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About our Surgeon Home Visit

The most common conditions treated by general surgeons are:

  • Cysts
  • Skin lesions and Ulcers
  • Decubitus, Cholecystosis e Cholecystitis
  • Bile stones
  • Hernias

In very simple cases the situation may be solved directly through a home or office visit, but when it is necessary to be referred to a hospital, after the consultation you are free to organise the surgery with our surgeon directly in his hospital or clinic so that you may be followed by your surgeon through all phases of treatment (first consultation, organisation, surgery and post-operative treatments and medications).

Any health issue may be a serious problem when you are in a foreign country where language barriers and difficulties in finding trustworthy healthcare professionals represent relevant obstacles, but when a surgery is needed, these issues can become even more overwhelming.

Medelit has gathered a highly professional multilingual team of general and specialistic Surgeons who work and refer to the best hospitals and clinics in Milan.

This team provides prompt and comprehensive assistance to anybody needing surgical treatment.

The specialistic surgical consultation is provided directly at home or in your office or hotel room within 48-72 hours and in case of need of hospitalisation the same surgeon visiting you can assist you during all subsequent stages of treatment (including any follow-up phone calls you might need).

If you need a surgeon’s evaluation call us at +39-02-87 366 070 and we will answer your questions and immediately fix a house call appointment with the right surgeon for your case.


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