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What is Neurological Physiotherapy?

Among the various fields of physiotherapy, the branch dealing with neurological rehabilitation is of great importance. Neurological physiotherapists mainly treat patients requiring intensive treatment and continuous medical-nursing surveillance for acute and post-acute afflictions of the nervous system. home visit neuro physio london

How we work

The goal of neurological physiotherapy during the acute and early post-acute phases, is to achieve the best degree of autonomy for the patient. On the long term, treatment aims to maintain and consolidate the results initially achieved through physiotherapy. neurology physiotherapy home visits

Medelit’s neurological physiotherapists know that work on the restoration of psychological, emotional and social well-being is as important as the achievement of the greatest possible level of physical well-being. For this reason, their approach to neurological rehabilitation is holistic and tailored on each individual patient.

The Objectives we pursue:

We aim to:

  • Obtain the highest level of patient independence in acute and sub-acute phases

  • Reintegrate the person into social life

  • Continue and reinforce results achieved with physiotherapy

 mobile neurological physiotherapy

neuro physiotherapy

The Benefits of Medelit’s Neuro Phsyiotherapy:


  • One – to – one treatment
  • Tailored plan with specialised neurological support
  • Prompt availability allows early intervention
  • Flexible timing and location
  • An essential support in your transition from hospital to care home or home
  • Development of skills essential to raise attainment and literacy
  • Access to a Multidisciplinary Team
  • Engagement of carers with information, support and specific programmes
  • Less hassle and no transport issues, more energy for your physio session
  • More comfort and self-confidence with a therapy in your own environment neurological physiotherapy home visits london

A dedicated multidisciplinary team

Neurological rehabilitation requires a long-term integrated project and a daily program. Medelit’s neurological physiotherapists are used to working within a multidisciplinary team, where neurologists, speech therapists and psychologists work with the patient and their carer, who are the central figures around which all others rotate. Where the patient already has their trusted healthcare professionals, our physiotherapists will be able to integrate services while maintaining high levels of cooperation and communication; however, where the patient is in need for further assistance, Medelit is also able to offer the integration of these services with its own highly qualified healthcare professionals, such as Neurologists, Psychologists, etc. so as to provide fully comprehensive and highly coordinated assistance directly in the patient’s home.

Enhancing Neuroelasticity

Central nervous system disorders (such as a stroke or a spinal cord injury) can results in the loss of the ability to independently carry out basic daily activities such as walking, running, washing or dressing. These changes can take a serious toll on an individual’s autonomy and quality of life.

Neurological damage is usually due to ischemic or hemorrhagic events, and it results in cellular necrosis (death of nerve cells) that is the cause of the neuromotor deficits.

In weeks, months and years after the acute event, portions of grey matter (central nervous system) around the damaged brain area are organized to compensate for lost functions.

This process, known as neuroplasticity, can be stimulated, strengthened and driven through specialised neurological physiotherapy. The aim is that of reducing the degree of disability resulting from the brain injury, while further enhancing residual functions.

The aim of Medelit’s neuro rehabilitation is to improve the quality of life of patients affected by diseases or lesions of the nervous system by using cutting edge, multifactorial and intensive methods that stimulate neuro-plasticity.

A tailored plan towards recovery

Our aim is to lead each patient through a path towards progressive recovery of an independent life and to the exploitation of residual skills.

The rehabilitation route is based on an individual rehabilitation project. Reeducation of Neuromotor control is necessary in all the outcomes of:

  • – Central nervous system disorders

  • – Demyelinating Diseases: Multiple Sclerosis, Leukodystrophy

  • – Degenerative diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

  • – Neuropathy: Guillain Barré syndrome

  • – Motion Disorders: Parkinson’s Disease, Distonitis, Core, Tremors

  • – Brain Vasculopathies: Ischemic or Hemorrhagic Ictus (stroke)

  • – Pseudobulbar palsy

  • – Ataxia

  • – Neuromuscular Diseases such as Muscular Dystrophy, Myositis

Two phase treatment program

Our neurological rehabilitation program is divided into two phases:

  • An initial complete neurological and clinical assessment is performed. The degree and type of damage is determined with certainty, and once therapeutic possibilities and recovery potential have been established, a plan for personalised therapy is drawn.

  • Treatment is provided, with the implementation of a therapeutic program designed for each individual patient, starting from the results of the evaluation.

For best results, neuro physiotherapy should be performed often and regularly. However, it is also necessary for the patient to receive adequate rest, and as a matter of fact, rest is an essential part of neurological rehabilitation.

Neurological physiotherapy works on joint mobilisation, neuro motor rehabilitation techniques, spasticity treatment (a very common symptom in stroke patients) and pain treatment.

In some cases a re-education of sphincters is necessary due to continence disorders, and in others, the physiotherapist will apply multi-sensory stimulation techniques because of partial or total loss of sensitivity.

Comprehensive support

Neuro rehabilitation includes treatment of cognitive deficits and behavioural disorders as well as exercises that help the patient return, at best, to normal daily life activities such as washing, combing, cooking, moving from one room to another, going to the bathroom.

Neurological physiotherapists also need to attend to the prevention and treatment of secondary conditions linked to the patient’s lack of mobility, such as bed sores, loss of muscular tone, alterations in posture, swallowing and nutritional problems and psychological issues.

In neurological patients, a multidisciplinary approach becomes essential and all the team members together contribute to form a personalized rehabilitation plan tailored for each patient. The treatment aims at the recovery of motor functions and on gradual postural passages which will depend on the severity of the patient.

Periodically, it is advisable to request a visit with a Neurologist who will check on the progression of the disease and decide whether any changes need to be applied to ongoing treatment.

Patients of all ages

Neuro physiotherapy deals with people of all ages; from newborns to elderly patients. In young people, re-education, even in the presence of important deficits, aims mainly at resuming normal activities of daily life. On the other hand, elderly patients are already heading towards a progressive loss of autonomy and in general are more at risk of neurological diseases such as strokes, so prevention in these patients plays a major role.

In conclusion, neurological conditions can have a huge impact on people’s quality of life. For this reason Medelit’s neurological physiotherapy aims first of all at recovering as many motor and cognitive functions as possible so as to bring the patient back to an autonomous and comfortable life.

Why Neurological Physiotherapy at Home

Our neurology physiotherapists provide exclusive, one to one treatment directly in your home in London, but they can also provide assistance after dismissal from a clinic or hospital to a care home or other protected environment.
Our neuro rehabilitation service allows you to access London’s best neuro physiotherapists, who will treat you directly in your home so you won’t need to worry about transfers and timing, saving you energy which you can fully dedicate to your sessions. We design our neurological physiotherapy treatment plans specifically on each patient’s needs and our multidisciplinary and team approach will ensure that you are provided with continuity and completeness of care, which are delivered at the highest standards possible.

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