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Medelit’s Neurologists are highly-trained specialist in the function and malfunction of the brain, nervous system and muscles.

The home visiting service can be of particular importance for all those people who can have an advantage in avoiding the stress of going to a doctor’s office but need a constant follow-up and monitoring for the treatment of conditions that affect the nervous system. neurology

The neurological consultation is the best time for the patient to ask questions that may not have been answered by previous doctors. They may also inquire about other examinations required. The consultation visit with the neurologist will last 60 minutes. neurology

A home visit with our neurologist can be easily booked from everyday, 09.30am to 06.30 pm. We will fix the appointment with an english speaking neurologist within a maximum of 48-72 hours from your request.

Our English speaking Neurologists assist you in Milan, Rome & Naples.

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About our Neurological Home Visit

Neurology consultation is an appointment with a neurologist for the diagnosis, management, or treatment of conditions that affect the nervous system. A healthcare professional who specializes in neurology is called a neurologist.

Some of the most common symptoms include recurrent or frequent headaches, headaches with projectile vomiting, seizure, vision loss, balance disorders, and speech problems. Note that these symptoms do not have to mean neurological disorders, but a consultation can be helpful to understand the underlying disease or overrule certain suspicions.

People who have experienced serious injuries such as vehicle accidents may have to see a neurologist even when there is no headache involved. Problems affecting the brain and skull sometimes do not manifest immediately. Those who have been diagnosed with hypertension or have gone through stroke may also want to see a neurologist. These diseases are usually related to weakened blood vessels that may be found in the brain.

During the consultation, the neurologist may interview the patient regarding:

– Medical and family history
– Presence of symptoms, as well as the severity (Is it progressing? Can it be controlled by medications?)
– Circumstance prior to the appearance of the symptoms
– Medications and treatments undertaken
– Current concern of the patient
– Any existing illness

Usually, based on the interview and the records the patient has provided, the neurologist can have a basic idea of the problem but would recommend tests to confirm it. Sometimes these examinations are required when the initial findings are inconclusive or insufficient.

The neurologist would provide an initial diagnosis, discuss the recommended tests, and give medications or therapies to reduce the symptoms.


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